The TaxPayers’ Alliance has been an active participant in the media and public debate over issues ranging from taxation to public waste.

This archive contains the TaxPayers’ Alliance’s recently issued press releases, organised by date.

22 August 2014: “No excuse” for Raytheon damages payout

22 August 2014: Holiday Tax bill hits Brits to tune of £50 per trip abroad

6 August 2014: New laws on council meetings a “significant step forward” for local government transparency

5 August 2014: TaxPayers’ Alliance reveals the 2,181 council staff earning more than £100,000

1 August 2014: PAC Report shows the need to learn the lessons of Mid-Staffs

9 July 2014: TaxPayers’ Alliance says case for tax reform is “stronger than ever”

4 July 2014: TaxPayers’ Alliance launch War on Waste Roadshow as debt increases by nearly £4,000 a second

30 June 2014: Abolishing National Insurance is “vital”

26 June 2014: Revealed: Local Authority liabilities hit £180bn

12 June 2014: “Embarrassingly weak” Recall Bill overshadows Queen’s Speech

2 June 2014: Right of recall must be part of Queen’s Speech

28 May 2014: “Madness” to ask British taxpayers for more EU funds

21 May 2014: Home Secretary “right” to cut funding to Police Federation

09 May 2014: TaxPayers’ Alliance: “New HMRC powers or tax hikes” is a false choice

09 May 2014: TaxPayers’ Alliance: HMRC plans “a recipe for disaster”

07 May 2014: Surrey County Councillor allowance hikes condemned by TaxPayers’ Alliance

29 April 2014: TaxPayers’ Alliance online debt clock re-launched – and it’s scarier than ever

27 April 2014: TaxPayers’ Alliance urges MPs to vote down the HS2 Bill

09 April 2014: Reaction to resignation of Maria Miller MP

01 April 2014: NHS wastes £46m on spin doctors, diversity advisors & a Third Sector Environmental Sustainability Lead

26 March 2014: REVEALED: Government underestimates public sector pension liability by £610 billion

19 March 2014: A fair measure for cider

19 March 2014: TaxPayers’ Alliance response to the Budget

13 March 2014: Pay restraint is still needed in the public sector

12 March 2014: George Osborne must declare a war on waste and cut taxes in a Budget for taxpayers

04 March 2014: Cutting waste is the only way that David Cameron will cut taxes

25 February 2014: Polling shows 80% do not believe there should be further tax hikes on wine & spirits as TPA launches campaign drinks coasters

23 February 2014: TPA welcomes renaming of National Insurance to “Earnings Tax” as first step to abolition

10 February 2014: TPA slams “arrogant” Coalition over reported U-Turn on Recall Ballots

10 February 2014: Exposed: The Government wastes more every day than Man City’s annual wage bill

20 January 2014: Welfare reform must involve more than numeracy and literacy tests

06 January 2014: Chancellor must axe wasteful spending

20 December 2013: TaxPayers’ Alliance Christmas message to the Chancellor: Scrap alcohol tax hikes

18 December 2013: Public Accounts Committee report on HMRC underlines the need for tax simplification

12 December 2013: IPSA slammed as “not fit for purpose” as it recommends pay hike for MPs

10 December 2013: Jonathan Isaby appointed Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance

06 December 2013: Autumn Statement brings total number of Coalition tax rises to 509

05 December 2013: Some welcome tax cuts but George Osborne could do better

29 November 2013: How George Osborne can cut taxes and ease the pressure on family finances at the Autumn Statement

19 November 2013: Revealed: The NHS wasted £41.4 million on energy & water last year

14 November 2013: TPA calls for an end to MPs renting offices from their political parties or paymasters

07 November 2013: From shared services to grazing sheep – the TPA shares 201 ways to cut Council Tax

06 November 2013: Maria Miller challenged over costs of establishing redundant body unlikely ever to do anything

29 October 2013: TaxPayers’ Alliance response to the updated economic case for HS2

04 October 2013: Renewable energy subsidies will double to over £5 billion in next five years

29 September 2013: TaxPayers’ Alliance launches fun EU “Fiscal Factbook” highlighting EU waste

27 September 2013: Government poised to adopt TaxPayers’ Alliance “Work for the Dole” proposal

26 September 2013: New report shows that the case for HS2 is continuing to unravel

24 September 2013: TaxPayers’ Alliance slams Ed Miliband’s disastrous energy price controls

04 September 2013: New report calls for Work for the Dole

27 August 2013: New research exposes the £2 billion “holiday tax”

23 August 2013: Well over a third of potential home buyers will pay over £7,500 in Stamp Duty by 2018

16 August 2013: New research shows potential for serious cuts to Stamp Duty

06 August 2013:  New campaign exposes how more than a quarter of home-buyers are now getting hit with a Stamp Duty bill for £7,500 or more

11 July 2013: TaxPayers’ Alliance slams IPSA’s proposed pay hike for MPs as totally unpalatable

04 July 2013: TaxPayers’ Alliance launches ‘Stop the Energy Swindle’ as household energy bills set to hit £3,000 by 2030

21 June 2013: TaxPayers’ Alliance comment on NAO report on Confidentiality clauses and special severance payments

18 June 2013: TaxPayers’ Alliance responds to G8 declaration on tax avoidance

14 June 2013: New Bumper Book of Government Waste exposes £120 billion of wasteful spending – that’s £4,500 for every household in the UK

06 June 2013: Ed Miliband’s proposals won’t do anything to tackle Britain’s welfare problem

31 May 2013: Patrick Mercer case raises need for voters to have right of recall

23 May 2013: We need tax reform, not empty moralising

10 May 2013: TaxPayers’ Alliance reveals the 2,525 council staff earning more than £100,000

06 May 2013:  TaxPayers’ Alliance responds to the Queen’s Speech

26 April 2013: TaxPayers’ Alliance reaction to Public Accounts Committee report on tax avoidance

09 April 2013 : TaxPayers’ Alliance exposes £1.1 billion tax bombshell of Empty Property Rates

21 March 2013:  Budget 2013 takes total number of Coalition tax rises to over 400

20 March 2013: TaxPayers’ Alliance reaction to Budget 2013

17 March 2013:  More Britons believe the moon landings were faked than think that taxes are too low

07 March 2013: TaxPayers’ Alliance urges David Cameron to cut burdensome taxes

06 March 2013: How the Government burns our money: inefficiency and wasteful spending costs taxpayers as much as £140 billion a year

26 February 2013:  TaxPayers’ Alliance launches “Mash Beer Tax” beermats as public urge MPs to end beer duty escalator via

20 February 2013: 28,754 town hall middle managers cost us nearly £2 billion a year

12 February 2013: TaxPayers’ Alliance: Welfare can’t be an alternative to work

06 February 2013: TaxPayers’ Alliance: Despite welcome cut to EU Budget, British taxpayers still lose out

06 February 2013: TaxPayers’ Alliance: Focus of RBS bosses and Ministers should be paying back taxpayers

29 January 2013: Revealed: The Coalition’s 299 tax rises

23 January 2013: TPA responds to David Cameron’s speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos

22 January 2013: CPS crackdown will do nothing to fix our broken tax code

14 January 2013: TaxPayers’ Alliance reaction to Government pensions announcement

10 January 2013:  TPA slams DCLG Select Committee plan to hike councillors’ allowances

09 January 2013:  TaxPayers’ Alliance gives its verdict on the Coalition’s audit of its promises

30 December 2012: Each ‘bobby on the beat’ costs nearly £800,000 a year

24 December 2012: British taxpayers vote for Mark Reckless MP and Ed Davey MP as their Pin-Up and Pinhead of the Year

19 December 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance welcomes axeing of pensions for councillors

18 December 2012: TPA Reaction to Welsh Government’s plans to buy Cardiff Airport

05 December 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance responds to George Osborne’s Autumn Statement

01 December 2012:  Minimum Alcohol Pricing would cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of pounds every year

30 November 2012: Welsh MP demanding BBC transparency scoops Pin-Up of the Month award; Boston councillor is TPA Pinhead of the Month

18 November 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance shows how to abolish National Insurance within five years

09 November 2012: Jet Set DECC: Department of Energy and Climate Change spends £1.5 million on 3,496 flights

05 November 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance joins forces with retailers in new campaign to demand a freeze in business rates

02 November 2012: Denis MacShane’s disgraceful abuse of taxpayers’ money underlines urgent need for recall mechanism

31 October 2012: Taxpayers fund trade unions to the tune of £113 million

25 October 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance responds to today’s GDP figures

19 October 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance responds to Saturday’s TUC demonstration

17 October 2012: Whitehall overspending on office space is costing taxpayers millions

05 October 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance welcomes Cabinet Office’s crackdown on union facility time

03 October 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance slams Department for Transport over £40 million franchise fiasco

24 September 2012: MP and Mayoral candidate join TaxPayers’ Alliance campaign against Bristol City Council’s proposed Workplace Parking Levy

18 September 2012: Ofcom pays out millions in redundancies while hiring hundreds of new staff

13 September 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance reveals Whitehall still paying over the odds for basics like A4 paper and energy

06 September 2012: Public sector bodies failing to control taxpayer-funded trade union time

03 September 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance welcomes David Davis’s call for implementation of its tax reform proposals

31 August 2012: Nick Clegg branded ‘Pinhead of the Month’ by TPA as Labour MP claims Pin-Up gong

29 August 2012: Clegg’s emergency wealth tax slammed as a “dead end” by TaxPayers’ Alliance

29 August 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance reveals highest and lowest paid councillors in the UK

23 August 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance calls on public sector bodies to cut £13.5 million spend at top PR and marketing agencies

21 August 2012: New fuel tax stands at forecourts across the country show the true cost of taxes on petrol and diesel

14 August 2012: North East councils’ flights exposed: councils spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on jet-setting

01 August 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance names and shames the ministers increasing (and decreasing) the size of their Whitehall empires

13 July 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance says facility time consultation must end the scandalous taxpayer subsidy to unions

11 July 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance reveals substantial rise in council staff drawing pensions compared to those paying in

02 July 2012: Text of the speech delivered by Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP to the TaxPayers’ Alliance on 2nd July 2012 – “Britain, the Euro and the European Union”

30 June 2012: TPA supports call for investigation into Libor Rate fixing and the cost of the bank bailout

29 June 2012: Dr Liam Fox MP: “Britain, the Euro and the EU”

29 June 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance announces June’s Pin-Up and Pinhead of the Month

26 June 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance welcomes Fuel Duty freeze but says Government should go further

25 June 2012: New TaxPayers’ Alliance book: The EU in a Nutshell

21 June 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance calls for comprehensive tax reform to ensure everyone pays their fair share

15 June 2012: Taxpayers fund environmentalist campaigns through £75m EU programme

13 June 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance campaign to stop funding Argentina backed by Nigel Adams MP

31 May 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance announces May’s Pin-Up and Pinhead of the Month

21 May 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance and Institute of Directors publish comprehensive plan for growth

20 May 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance reveals cost of collecting tax has barely fallen in over 50 years

11 May 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance and Institute of Directors to announce final recommendations of 2020 Tax Commission

10 May 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance reaction to strikes and information on pensions

25 April 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance in Grantham campaigning against Fuel Duty increase

25 April 2012: Town Hall Rich List 2012

20 April 2012: TPA criticises £67 million wasteful subsidy to pharmacists

13 April 2012: TPA reveals £54 billion black hole in council pension schemes

9 April 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance reveals £28.5 billion lost to black market alcohol, tobacco and diesel in just five years

21 March 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance reaction to Budget 2012

06 March 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance backs calls to cut Fuel Duty

03 March 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance criticise Redcar and Cleveland over Council Tax

29 February 2012: Councils in the North West wrong to hike Council Tax

23 February 2012: Chesterfield, Leicester and Nottingham councils wrong to hike Council Tax

23 February 2012: North East councils wrong to hike Council Tax

23 February 2012: Kent councils wrong to hike Council Tax

23 February 2012: Brighton & Hove council wrong to hike Council Tax

23 February 2012: York & Richmondshire councils wrong to hike Council Tax

14 February 2012: Government spends £400,000 on fig trees for their offices

8 February 2012: Hampshire councils’ flights spending

30 January 2012: Average family pays £656,000 in tax over their lifetime

25 January 2012: £1 in every £5 of Council Tax goes on council pensions

18 January 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance finds increase in number of middle managers at Midlands councils

13 January 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance reveals incredible credit card spending at Scottish Enterprise

11 January 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance campaign to end taxpayer funding of trade unions gathers momentum 

10 January 2012: TaxPayers’ Alliance: Economic case for HS2 isn’t credible

6 January 2012: British Council’s multi-million pound credit card spending revealed

30 December 2011: Taxpayers will have to work until 26 July to pay for the cost of government in 2012 – three more days than in 2007

20 December 2011: TaxPayers’ Alliance responds to Public Accounts Committee report on HMRC tax disputes with big companies

14 December 2011: TaxPayers’ Alliance estimates 7,852 council staff suspended for 2,500 working years

8 December 2011: Northern Ireland councils STILL paying staff high mileage rates

6 December 2011: TPA sets out powers PM should bring home from European Council

30 November 2011: Information on public sector strikes, pensions and unions

29 November 2011: TPA reaction to Autumn Financial Statement

28 November 2011: New research reveals more former civil servants drawing a pension than paying in

25 November 2011: Taxpayers fund trade unions to the tune of £113 million a year

18 November 2011: TPA attacks carbon floor price as industrial masochism

4 November 2011: TPA launches major tax transparency campaign: Pioneering smartphone tax app and report shows true cost of purchases

2 November 2011: TaxPayers’ Alliance reaction to London Cyberspace Conference

2 November 2011: Sustainable Development Commission credit card spending revealed

28 October 2011: TPA reveals October’s ‘Pin-Up’ and ‘Pinhead’ of the Month

27 October 2011: Midlands’ Councils Flights

21 October 2011: TPA calls for National Insurance to be scrapped, to stop future HMRC fiascos and to promote growth

13 October 2011: Major analysis of NHS reveals nearly 12,000 unnecessary deaths a year

30 September 2011: TPA name inaugural Pin-Up and Pinhead of the Month

27 September 2011: TfL Surplus Staff

16 September 2011: The £28bn hidden cost of High Speed Rail

14 September 2011: TaxPayers’ Alliance reveals union fat cats

3 September 2011: Stop taxpayer funding of trade unions in Tameside

25 August 2011: £27.4 billion not collected by the taxman

17 August 2011: New book exposes the crippling cost of climate change policy and the special interests that profit most

16 August 2011: TPA reaction to rural broadband subsidies announcement

15 August 2011: New book finds green taxes are excessive by over £500 per family

27 July 2011: Jonathan Isaby joins growing TaxPayers’ Alliance campaign team

28 June 2011: TaxPayers’ Alliance reveal Trade Union Rich List

24 June 2011: Public support billions of extra spending cuts to foreign aid, high speed rail and trade union funding

21 June 2011: TPA reaction to independent report on high speed rail

21 June 2011: New TPA videos ask ‘Why are the Government taxing the poor to pay for a rich man’s train?’

16 June 2011: TPA learns Royal Mail kept 287 surplus staff on payroll

4 June 2011: Whitehall’s £25m on taxpayer funded credit cards

26 May 2011: TaxPayers’ Alliance uncovers millions spent by BBC and S4C on private healthcare

20 May 2011: Morley’s sentence is “justice for taxpayers”

14 May 2011: TaxPayers’ Alliance – We Rallied Against Debt

13 May 2011: TaxPayers’ Alliance attending Rally Against Debt 14th May

12 May 2011: ‘Cancel High Speed Rail’ said: Green Party; RAC Foundation; Countryside Alliance; AGAHST; TaxPayers’ Alliance

10 May 2011: TaxPayers’ Alliance verdict on the Coalition 1 year on

20 April 2011: Police authorities spend over £1m on publications

15 April 2011: The world’s fastest speaker reads the tax code

14 April 2011: Council staff claim £427 million for mileage

7 April 2011: TPA reaction to former MP Elliot Morley guilty plea

31 March 2011: TaxPayers’ Alliance reaction to Jim Devine sentence

30 March 2011: The Truth About High Speed Rail Capacity

23 March 2011: TaxPayers’ Alliance reaction to Budget 2011

17 March 2011: Town Hall Rich List 2011

10 March 2011: Business leaders and economic commentators attack HS2 proposal

2 March 2011: HS2 will cost four jobs for every one it creates

28 February 2011: TaxPayers’ Alliance highlights incredible cost of HS2 project

24 February 2011: Schools spent £293 million on supply teachers

17 February 2011: Shocking disparity in number of bins

11 February 2011: Individual tax guides are longer than War and Peace

10 February 2011: TPA reaction to Eric Illsley sentencing

10 February 2011: TaxPayers’ Alliance reaction to conviction of former MP Jim Devine

4 February 2011: High Speed Rail (HSR) is a Huge Spending Risk

28 January 2011: Soaps, celebrities and the fair tax debate

25 January 2011: TPA reaction to conviction of Lord Taylor of Warwick

25 January 2011: TPA responds to ONS debt and growth figures

20 January 2011: Motorists are being throttled by excessive taxes

14 January 2011: A meeting of minds to map out the future of tax

11 January 2011: TPA reaction to Eric Illsley conviction

7 January 2011: TPA reaction to sentencing of David Chaytor

22 December 2010: Pass the salt

15 December 2010: TaxPayers’ Alliance reaction to MPs’ expenses latest

9 December 2010: The TaxPayers’ Alliance reveals Christmas tax bill is £283 per family

2 December 2010: New research on taxpayer funded environmentalism