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commented on Tax Distribution 2015 2015-12-04 15:53:55 +0000 · Flag
A brilliant example of TPA obfuscation. Why do those at the top pay so high a proportion of tax ? Because they are grotesquely and obscenely wealthy and they control the political system to increase their wealth and power at everyone else’s expense. The TPA secrecy around its funding sources tells us all we need to know about why it always defends the wealthy and attacks public expenditure.
commented on TaxPayers' Alliance slams the Health Committee's call for a sugar tax 2015-12-04 15:38:40 +0000 · Flag
For the TPA the ‘Nanny State’ is absolutely fine when it comes to throwing £billions at waging war or subsidising the rich and the corporations but not so good when it comes to promoting health. Could this be something to do with the secret funding which TPA is so shy of revealing ?
commented on Calls for a sugar tax from the high priests of the nanny state 2015-12-04 15:34:37 +0000 · Flag
This article is linked to work by Rob Lyons which includes the following bit of sophistry ‘’When eating sugary products, individuals maximising their welfare as judged by the only person who can best know their preferences: themselves. Health
campaigners may believe that people should be maximising their
longevity rather than optimising their taste buds, but in a free society
that is not their decision to make. ’’ Substitute tobacco for sugar and we can see how free market apologists always subordinate health before the great God of profit under the fig leaf of freedom of the individual.
commented on Undermining the courts through the tax system 2015-12-04 20:56:12 +0000 · Flag
So your idea is that we give up on tax justice because the rich will move away – pathetic
commented on Borrowing figures: TPA urges Osborne to rethink ring-fences and look for big savings 2015-11-22 23:31:39 +0000 · Flag
Osborne to Oxfordshire Council.
‘’ The TPA say I should slash spending to the bone in order to cure us of the evil public sector – so get ready for more pain.’’
Cameron to Oxfordshire Council -
‘’ Why are you cutting services ? ’’
Oxfordshire Council ‘’ Which one of you imbeciles is in charge ?’’
commented on The Times is right: we cannot afford to scale back spending reductions 2015-11-22 23:26:30 +0000 · Flag
And so the Gadarene swine, infected with the evil spirits of neo liberalism, rush towards the cliff.

Like the Bourbons, the Tories learned nothing and forgot nothing while out of power.
commented on Ministers act on our Public Sector Rich List 2015-11-22 23:16:38 +0000 · Flag
Neil Hutson is on the right track – if there were a cap on ALL salaries, bonuses, share options et, in BOTH the private sector and public sector, the poisonous pressure to pay public sector managers more would disappear. ( although none of them come anywhere near the level of your average fat cat in the private sector ) Then more money could be paid to lower paid workers who would spend more and help the economy. There would also be no incentive for vicious greedy pigs in the financial sector and elsewhere to manipulate the system to give them bonuses and rewards at the expense of stable enterprises. RBS being the prime example of a business becoming a casino for low life speculators and spivs.
commented on Zac Goldsmith calls for the tube to be classed as an 'important public service' 2015-11-11 23:32:44 +0000 · Flag
Important public services should be nationalised to make sure they operate in the public interest. To expect private sector employers to prioritise the public interest is pure folly. Unions are the only way we can protect ourselves against these parasites – which is why the TPA, a private sector pressure group, hates unions so much.
commented on The NHS in its current form is simply not sustainable 2015-11-10 19:29:17 +0000 · Flag
What a genius Alex ‘foot in mouth’ Wild turns out to be – apparently ‘throwing more money’ at the NHS will not work. What he means is – lets continue to cut the spending by freezing salaries and cutting staff – O come on – why be bashful – this is part of the ‘privatise the NHS’ campaign. As in the famous Vietnam motto – we destroyed the village in order to save it
commented on HMRC will continue to struggle until we simplify the tax system 2015-11-10 17:55:28 +0000 · Flag
Cynical cutting HMRC staff by thousands has made tax evasion much easier. By ‘simplified’ taxation the TPA means much lower tax for its HNWI sponsors
commented on Don't miss our Public Sector Rich List 2015-11-10 17:43:25 +0000 · Flag
TPA is a hypocritical mouthpiece for those who wish to minimise the state and privatise as much as possible of public services – so don’t expect any information from them about private sector profit seeking at our expense. Naming public officials is a crude piece of hate mongering by an organisation which doesn’t even have the guts to reveal its own funding sources.
commented on Public Sector Rich List NHS coverage 2015-11-10 17:29:22 +0000 · Flag
Funny how TPA forgot to mention (as usual) the vast amount of taxpayer money going to private sector companies in lucrative contracts as a consequence of the Tory obsession with privatisation and out sourcing of our public services. The typical results are worse services, poorer pay and conditions for staff, secretive contract and ownership details, tax evasion and avoidance, inflated dividends for share holders and, of course, vast pay and perks for the fat cat managers – all at our expense. The £billions in our taxes going to private sector health corporations , often American, with a track record of fraud is even more obscene. The TPA can be relied on to NEVER examine this story.
commented on 50,137 NHS staff on £100,000 or more 2015-11-10 16:24:39 +0000 · Flag
The real insult to tax payers is that the TPA pretends to care about public services when its unspoken aim is to promote privatisation by black propaganda about public services. Hence its refusal to divulge its funding.
commented on TaxPayers' Alliance calls for more action to curb fraud and error in the benefits system 2015-10-30 12:38:50 +0000 · Flag
As usual the TPA. like its blood brothers the Daily Mail, Sun and Express, is fixated on punishing the cheats while deliberately skating over the whole picture -

underclaiming of benefits – £1.6Billion
error £2.4billion
actual fraud £1.1billion
Tax gap £34 billion at the lowest estimate – £120 billion at highest

It is very important to the TPA that its readers are encouraged to hate and despise benefit claimants as a whole so it pounces in delight on benefit fraud figures while seeking to downplay tax fraud and avoidance
commented on The problems with Kids Company are why we need more transparency 2015-10-30 12:22:24 +0000 · Flag
Unfortunately the pact with the devil which is fundamental to out sourcing and privatisation of public services is that the whole murky business is kept away from public scrutiny. The privateers who infect our governments make sure of that.
commented on How will the DWP's Help to Work programme pan out? 2015-10-30 12:19:25 +0000 · Flag
Not hard to anticipate the outcome of DWP’s disastrous schemes. What has this got to do with the TPA anyway ? You don’t know anything about welfare policy or practice – or does Mr Wild, the expert on anything that enters his head, have some bright ideas. Can’t wait.
commented on The TPA position on junior doctors' contracts 2015-10-30 12:15:32 +0000 · Flag
I can’t believe TPA is still putting up this video of a horrendous public humiliation of your foot in mouth specialist Mr Wild. The contrast between the fully informed, dignified doctor and this ignorant twerp could not have been clearer. Your ‘position’ on the contracts is that of an inept PR function for Jeremy Hunt.
commented on Cardiff residents oppose cuts in essential front line services. 2015-10-30 12:11:36 +0000 · Flag
wow ,… a hundred people in a large City the size of Cardiff support another miniscule local day of action…what a triumph… meanwhile thousands upon thousands have signed in support of the NHS and other really important causes. The TPA’s fig leaf of local action can’t hide its overall pro privatisation anti public sector agenda
commented on Trade Unions in Northern Ireland receive £4.7 million "facility time" subsidy each year 2015-10-16 15:11:03 +0100 · Flag
Tory front organisation the TPA refuses to disclose its funding sources and Jonathan Isaby lied to a parliamentary committee about this on the anti democratic Trade Union Bill this week. It is grossly hypocritical that this organisation pretends to be a pressure group for taxpayers when it is a Tory funded, Tory supporting right wing pressure group opposed to public services and to trade union protection for employees.