Trade union funding 2011
Nov 2011 25

Since the TaxPayers’ Alliance first revealed the level of taxpayer funding of trade unions last year it has become a major political issue. Our data has featured in parliamentary debates and makes a significant contribution to ongoing departmental reviews on the subject.

This paper updates our findings for the financial years 2010-11 and 2009-10, exposing the huge amounts of taxpayers’ money given to trade unions through direct funding or paid staff time from public sector bodies.

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Chris is a Policy Analyst at the TaxPayers’ Alliance, focussing on local government spending. His work in this area includes papers on trade union funding and our Town Hall Rich List.

  • Angeldamour

    I think paying the salaries and pensions of staff doing ‘trade union work’ when even the HR who in theory manage these individuals have no idea what they do all day long – is only the tip of this rather sinister iceberg as HR officials have for some years been secertly promoting staff elected to union positions despite there being no Cabinet office policy allowing this. Even after last years story in the times and several other newspapers singling out Department of Health(DOH) Human Resources for this extra curricular activity, Human Resources DOH have continued their secret promotion scheme for union officials by promoting permanently another two officials who have since been gifted positions within the departmnet on these grace and favour grades where other staff have to compete for promotion, staff elected to union positions just need to keep it sweet with Human Resource,s indeed they have one ex-union official already working for HR.
    It’s about time someone in the cabinet office brought these rogue HR officials in Departmnet of health to task and demanded an official response to the specific policy which allowed these ‘permanant’ promotions for doing no civil service  work, as no tears will be shed by hard working civil servants who have earned their keep.