Mar 2010 12

A new release from Eurostat shows that industrial production across the eurozone rose by 1.7% in January.  In Britain, it fell by 0.3%.  That fits with a pattern in recent months of British industrial production having a weaker recovery than that in the eurozone, as is shown in the graph below.  This is more confirmation that we are having a weak recovery.  As I discussed earlier this week, the scale of the government debt crisis is hurting economic growth and spending cuts are needed to get the economy going again.

Industrial production, % change compared with previous month


Matthew was the Chief Executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance, author of Let Them Eat Carbon and editor of How to Cut Public Spending (and still win an election)

  • Barry Dale

    germany offered to buy some greek islands to help greek deficit . why not offer to sell scotland to germany to help our deficit . after all the germans have alteady absorbed successfully one socialist republic — east germany . two birds with one stone .

  • nomad

    are brown and darling the new laurel and hardy ?
    “thats another fine you mess you got me into Stanley”