Rory Meakin

Name: Rory Meakin
Social Capital: 1013.40SC
About Me: Research fellow at the TaxPayers' Alliance, work includes head of research for the 2020 Tax Commission with a key role in the policy development of the Single Income Tax proposals.
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published Property taxes in the UK and the regions in Research 2016-08-09 09:38:00 +0100
commented on The Spending Plan policy 5: means test winter fuel payments 2015-04-09 10:34:54 +0100 · Flag
I’m unable to even consider your point, Richard, as in the first paragraph there is no simple average and so I have no choice but to consider your comment invalid.
commented on The NHS wasted £41.4 million on energy & water last year 2014-12-09 12:02:37 +0000 · Flag
Frank –
It’s true that household consumers can’t choose water supplier. But NHS Trusts aren’t in that category. Check the below site from the water regulator about how larger non household consumers can go about choosing a water supplier: