TaxPayers' Alliance Budget Response

April 22, 2009 3:21 PM

In response to the 2009 Budget Speech, which committed British taxpayers to record levels of debt, TaxPayers' Alliance Chief Executive Matthew Elliott said:

“This Budget commits taxpayers to a terrifying amount of debt that will burden ordinary families for decades to come. The Government’s proposals are totally inadequate to deal with the size of the crisis we face. £15 billion of efficiency savings are a welcome start, but they are dwarfed by the debt mountain that the Chancellor plans to run up. These are serious times that require radical thinking, so it is staggering that the Government have chosen to turn a blind eye to the huge amounts of wasteful and unnecessary public sector spending. Despite the pretence that he is helping ordinary people and bashing the rich, the Chancellor is in fact increasing the cost of everything from driving to work to a pint of beer. The increase in taxes on high earners is a petty political gesture rather than a serious financial solution. Millions of families around the country are in real crisis, and they need real help, not posturing.”





A more extensive response will be released later this afternoon, but for ongoing commentary please visit our blog at


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