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Wasting Lives: A statistical analysis of NHS performance

Why are the Government taxing the poor to pay for a rich man’s train?

Why are the Government cutting services for ordinary commuters to pay for a rich man’s train?

Why are the Government taxing ordinary motorists to pay for a rich man’s train?

World’s Fastest Speaker vs the UK Tax Code

The Real National Debt: A Decade of Reckless Growth

Welfare Reform in Tough Times: Creating a better and cheaper benefits system

David Cameron and Nick Clegg have no mandate to hike VAT

George Osborne and Danny Alexander pay Britain’s daily cheque to the EU

How long do you work for the tax man?

Pay Check: What is UNISON’s Dave Prentis on?

The Truth About Non-Jobs

DEFRA Climate Change Propaganda

Ten Years On: Cinema Advert

Jamie Oliveoil Recipe for EU Agricultural Fudge

What Will They Tax Next?


Cutting Council Spending and Delivering Lower Taxes

We Need to Talk About Europe (in association with the Daily Express)

Cancel High Speed 2 Conference

TPA/IEA Post-Budget Briefing 2011

TPA evidence submission to DCGL Select Committee

TPA / IEA Spending Review Briefing (playlist)

TPA / IEA Post-Emergency Budget Briefing (playlist)

TPA Budget Briefing 2010