Aug 2008 29

Guardian_nonjobs_27808This week’s non-job of the week highlights how Councils continue to spend, spend, spend and ignore the realities in the British economy.  As the economy slows down, slower and lower growth means everyone’s spending has to change.  Except for government it seems.  A prime example here from Essex County Council, our non-job of the week:

Internal Communications Officer

£21,414 – £27,597

We are looking for an enthusiastic and talented individual to join the Council’s dynamic and forward-thinking internal communications team, as an Internal Communications Officer. Your energy will help us continue our drive to deliver excellent internal communications to the employees of Essex County Council.

Involved in all aspects of this busy internal communications team, you will help edit and write for the employee magazine; research and write news stories for the intranet; act as an internal communications business partner, advising directorates on all aspects of internal communications; and provide internal communications support for a variety of business campaigns and change programmes.

Your passion for internal communications and ability to embrace change will be combined with strong news writing skills – good grammar and spelling are essential. You will need an ability to prioritise your workload, work on your own initiative as well as with the team, and to multi-task.

A sound working knowledge and experience ideally in an internal communications environment, this is an opportunity for you to grow and develop your internal communications skills within a professional and energetic team.

Closing date: 12 September 2008.

For informal enquiries, please contact Katie Hadgraft on 01245 434010.

For further information and to apply on-line please go to"

From the title it appears to be a helpful job.  However, this non-job is merely used to supplment Council propaganda and publicity, costly glossy magazines nobody reads and ends up in the bin.

You think you pay your Council in council tax to get the bins cleaned, streets sweeped and public land taken care of?  How long are these monolithic councils going to keep squandering your money?  Or rather, how long are you going to let them waste it?

  • Terry Cartwright

    It is a few years ago now that I applied for the position of Internal Auditor with North Yorkshire County Council.
    The advertisement stated all applicants must be fully qualified accountants. I was and so where the other 5 applicants – we were all interviewed, took tests together and got to know each other as the interviews lasted all afternoon.
    Most of us had previous relevant internal audit experience and as stated we were all qualified accountants too and any of us would have been suitable.
    The result none of us got the job.
    The job was offered to a existing council worker with little experience and no accounting or even bookkeeping qualifications – the internal applicant, had we were told, been interviewed some 2 weeks prior to out mass interviews.
    I was also told the job had been advertised for outside applicants purely as it was council policy. Another waste of government money and the time of outside applicants when those responsible they were going to promote an internal candidate even before the interviews were held.
    Not a problem for me anymore though as I now design my own accounting software which I retail through my website at

  • James Rowling

    Yawn… done internal comms before Tim. Anything original. They done supplment (as you put it) propaganda, they ensure that services get taken up, important information gets out to residents, maybe ensuring that appropriate translation into different languages and disability-compatible formats occurs etc…
    By the way you can get my I Love Tim Aker T-shirts at

  • Tim

    I wonder, James, if you have ever read either council newsletters, or this article.
    Firstly, the job application appears to only cover internal news – that is, nothing to do with residents.
    Furthermore, letters which do reach the public are, invariably, useless crap telling us how wonderful the council is when I’ve never seen a bit of it, and doing their best not to tell me any way of using any service.

  • Christian Braun

    Maybe you have this info elsewhere, in which case I apologise. I would be interested in what councils in average and total spend on internal and external communications. I live in Hammersmith & Fulham and would like the council to stop issuing their monthly magazine.
    Most of the magazine is about general interest stories which should be the domain of the commercial press. The council could just buy a page in one of the door-to-door magazines that operate commercial when they have the need to communicate.

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