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Aug 2012 08

Greenwich Borough Council is looking for a Carbon Reduction Officer, paying between £33,510 – £36,306. Here’s part of the gobbledegook job description:

As part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability and carbon reduction the Royal Borough of Greenwich is seeking to recruit to its well established Sustainability and Renewal service to help drive the improvements required to ensure the Royal Borough continues to be at the forefront of innovation and good practice.

In this post you will play a key part in ensuring compliance with the requirements of the CRC Energy Efficiency scheme, shaping and implementing the Borough’s sustainability and carbon reduction strategies and supporting the development of other policies linked to this agenda. Keeping fully abreast of the latest developments from government and best practice, you will provide expert advice to elected members and senior officers as well as implementing and monitoring programmes designed to ensure that the Royal Borough meets its sustainability and carbon reduction commitments.

If the job a Carbon Reduction Officer pays up to £36K, it makes you wonder how much the Sustainability and Renewal Service costs. How large is this department? What exactly does it do?

The next offering is from North West Leicestershire District Council who wishes to employ an Equality and Diversity Coordinator. There seems to be some confusion in the job advert as to whether this is a full-time or part-time position, therefore I took a look at the full job description on the council’s website. The post is indeed part-time, for 18.125 hours a week – or 18 hours 7.5 minutes to be precise!

Reading the information pack I discovered this little gem:

In accordance with current legislation and codes of practice we aim to ensure that no councillor, employee or prospective employee will be treated unfavourably on the grounds of marital status, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic or national origins, trade union membership or activity, political or religious belief and unrelated criminal conviction.

I know has to be included in every job application pack, but it rather sums up why there doesn’t need to be an Equality and Diversity Coordinator. Many councils don’t feel the need for them, and nor should North West Leicestershire.

Andrew was the TPA's National Grassroots Coordinator

  • Graham

    How did we manage in the past I wonder!

  • nonjob

    Ha! Ha! The local government gravy-train is still chugging along nicely!