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Nov 2012 14

Lambeth Borough Council is becoming the country’s first co-operative council. As part of this change, it appears more staff are being hired, although with the following example, priority will be given to redeployees.  The council looking for a Young Lambeth Co-operative Membership Manager, paying £37,851-£40,506. Here’s is part of the job description. It is one of the finest examples of council gobbledegook you could want to read:

Lambeth Children and Young People’s Service is recruiting a Young Lambeth co-operative Membership Manager to work in the CYPS Co-operative Council Team. The establishment of the YLC by April 2013 is the second phase of the CYPS co-operative council programme. This will involve the council working with the community to develop a new independent entity which will have a role in the commissioning and the delivery of children and young people’s services in the borough. The success of the YLC programme will be dependent on the ability to engage with the community and develop trust and strong working relationships to ensure strong involvement in the programme. The Membership Manager post is key to this.

The main purpose of the role is:

  • To lead on developing and implementing an engagement plan with stakeholders and registered individuals to support the co-production of the YLC, with a specific focus on working with young people.
  • To support the development an YLC Membership scheme to reflect the different stakeholders in the YLC, with a specific focus on young people.
  • To develop an YLC membership recruitment and engagement strategy to ensure it reaches its recruitment, engagement and retention targets.
  • To develop, manage and implement a communication strategy for YLC members, including a focus on working with young people

One of the essential requirements for those thinking of applying for this post is the ability to understand exactly what the job is. And why are there references to a specific focus on working with young people? Isn’t that obvious when the job is working for the Young Lambeth Co-operative?

The NHS has recruited a new Head of Brand, paying up to a very tidy £97K a year. At a time of budget reductions, you would have thought this was a luxury we could not afford. You would be right, and it would be a waste of money even without budget reductions, but this hasn’t stopped the NHS Commissioning Board in Leeds splashing out on this appointment.

Unsurprisingly, NHS Chief Executive, Sir David Nicholson has defended the appointment. Speaking to the House of Commons Health Select Committee, he said the position was needed to make sure private providers “understand what it means to be part of the NHS… the culture and the values and treat their patients accordingly”.

His comments didn’t impress MPs, and they don’t impress me. Next time you hear of an operation cancelled through lack of staff, remember where some of your money is going.

Andrew was the TPA's National Grassroots Coordinator

  • nonjob

    “Dependent on the ability to engage.” “Implementing an engagement plan.” “Recruitment and engagement strategy.” “Engagement and retention targets.”

    Oh the irony.

    Local government: Totally DISENGAGED from the people who fund their existence.