Taxes have been rising but there has been very little improvement in the quality of schools, hospitals and transport provided by government.

National debt has now surpassed £1 trillion and unless action is taken to tackle unsustainable public spending future generations will inherit the consequences of today’s extravagance.

High taxes damage the British economy and our way of life. Burdensome taxation stunts economic growth and tens of thousands of jobs are being lost as huge tax bills reduce incentives to work, invest and save. In the long-run, higher taxes make us all poorer.

The TPA’s mission is to:

Reverse the perception that big government is necessary and irreversible

Explain the benefits of a low tax economy

Give taxpayers a voice in the corridors of power

We achieve this by releasing pioneering research into taxation and government spending. Our research team uses the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act to uncover information previously hidden from taxpayers. In the last year we’ve written 28 papers based on more than 4,100 FOI requests. We also publish books to build on our research, most recently Let Them Eat Carbon and How to Cut Public Spending (and Still Win an Election).

Our enthusiastic campaign team communicates our research through the media. We receive over 600 media hits each month and work closely with journalists to respond to a wide range of news stories and collaborate on special exposés. We provide spokesmen for radio and TV interviews at a moment’s notice, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We also use digital media to spread our message and reach out to new, particularly younger, supporters. Twitter and Facebook allow you to help us influence policy instantly.

We ensure that our research gains maximum attention among politicians. We often appear at parliamentary Select Committee meetings, where we have been recognised as expert witnesses. We also believe in joining forces with other groups to strengthen our voice on certain issues. We have hosted a conference for taxpayer groups from across the world and hold regular meetings in Westminster to bring together like-minded individuals. We regularly hold local Action Days around the country and organise major events, like the Rally Against Debt in May 2011 and the Debt Clock Tour during the 2010 General Election.

You can find out more about our policy victories here