2020 Tax Commission Publications and Releases

Throughout the year the TaxPayers' Alliance will be releasing new research and statistics in support of the 2020 Tax Commission that highlight the complexity of the current tax system.

Please check back here for the latest publications, or follow our RSS feeds to have them delivered directly to your computer or smartphone.

25th April: Corporation Tax Policy Brief

Corporation Tax is not fit for purpose. This new Briefing Note, written by Commissioner and Associate Professor of Economics at the ESCP Europe Business School Anthony J. Evans, measures the tax against four key criteria, and finds that it drives down wages; lowers returns for shareholders; and raises prices for consumers.

11th Feburary: The Length of Tolley's Tax Guides

This research note shows how the Tolley’s guides for individual taxes have grown over the last decade. Guides for Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax, and Inheritance Tax have been analysed and the results show sharp increases in their length, demonstrative of excessive tax legislation that puts pressure on taxpayers.

28th January: "Fair" Taxes

This new research note highlights potentially unfair scenarios in our current tax system. The short paper uses celebrities and familiar characters from soaps like Eastenders and The Archers to draw hypothetical examples based on characters’ fictional tax circumstances. It aims to challenge the public and policy-makers to think beyond concepts of fairness that only recognise distribution.

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