£100 million of British taxpayers’ money supports organisations that fund Hate Education in the Middle East


    • Britain gave nearly £100 million in aid to the Palestinian territories in 2007.


    • This money supports attempts to indoctrinate the Palestinian population to support the continuation of violent conflict.


    • New evidence that Hate Education continues to be spread in the media and children’s text books.

Following the conflict in Gaza and the agreement by the Palestinian Authority and Israeli Government to seek a two state solution at Annapolis, the TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA) is launching a new study into how British taxpayers’ money supports hate education in the Palestinian territories.  As a significant proportion of this money (around £35 million) is being donated through the European Union and other member states also make bilateral donations, the report is being launched in six languages with partner organisations from France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Slovakia.
Read the full report here (PDF).


The context

    • Britain donated nearly £100 million in aid to the Palestinian territories in 2007.  That is made up of £63.6 million that the Department for International Development (DFID) spent in the area and Britain’s share of the €420 million the EU spent on aid to the Palestinian territories, around £35 million.


    • Donations to the Palestinian territories create a responsibility to ensure that the Palestinian Authority does not misuse its budget.  That responsibility exists whether British taxpayers are directly supporting the promotion of hatred and violence, providing the Palestinian Authority with funds that it can use to do the same or providing services that Palestinian authorities would otherwise be expected to provide, freeing up their budget to use as they like.


    • 42% of the Palestinian population are under 15 years old.


    • The Palestinian media is dominated by official newspapers, radio stations and television channels, paid for by the Palestinian Authority’s budget which is in turn supported by British donations.  That media frequently broadcasts statements that advocate the continuation of violent struggle instead of pursuing peace.Statements encouraging hatred and violence in the Palestinian media

"Palestine is our dream. Brothers, Oh Fatah's loyal masses the land is thirsty [for martyr blood] […] Jaffa, Haifa and Acre are calling. Ramallah.. Nablus and Gaza: "When will we meet and break the chains?" To Jerusalem march millions of Martyrs"


- Ahmed Dughmus, 8 January 2008


“It doesn't mean that we don't want the 1948 borders [all of Israel], but in our current political program, we [PA] say we want a state on the 1967 borders […] We [Palestinians] were created on this land in order to liberate it, to live on it, to continue as people of Ribat [Religious war]. We are on the land of Ribat and must remain [on it] until Resurrection.”


- Najat Abu Bakr, Member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, 26 February 2008


Samir Kuntar crushed the head of four-year-old Eynat Haran with his rifle, he also killed her father. He was serving four life sentences for murder when he was released in a prisoner exchange with Hezbollah. However, the PA portrayed Mr Kuntar's release, in June 2008, as a great victory and Mr Kuntar as a man to respect and admire.
The official newspaper of the Palestinian Authority, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, reported that “President Mahmoud Abbas congratulated yesterday's exchange of prisoners and bodies of Martyrs. The president sent blessings to Samir Kuntar's family.” Furthermore, Ahmad Dahbur, former undersecretary of the PA Ministry of Culture, wrote "Blessings to the free heroes and their head, the heroic fighter Samir Kuntar, and blessings to the spirit of the heroic Dalal Mughrabi and to the friends of the heroes.”


23 – 25 June 2008


 “There are diseases like smallpox, that can be eradicated, but the disease that was inflicted on the Palestinian people and the Arab nation in general, that's the Jewish disease, the Zionist disease, which is a cancerous disease, that started with occupying and taking over lands in 1904 […] Those (Jews), from 1904 to 1947, reached 605,000. That’s the cancer that spreads over the lands.”


- Adnan Ayash, History Professor, 5 June 2008


There are more examples in the full report, which can be downloaded here (PDF).


Matthew Sinclair, Research Director at the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said:


“British taxpayers’ money must not support propaganda that incites violence in the Middle East.  The Government needs to accept that donations create responsibilities. We must ensure that the Palestinian Authority doesn’t use the financial freedom our donations provide to indoctrinate its people, particularly the huge number of young people whose attitudes are so important to ending the conflict.  Instead, we need to insist that they work to prepare their people to accept a peaceful compromise.”

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