£34k for a 'Young Mayor Coordinator'

Money_2Have a read of this non-job an activist alerted us to:


Young Mayor Co-ordinator
£27,800 - £34,100 pa inc.


In October 2007, the young people of Newham have voted for their first ever Young Mayor. You will provide principal support to the Young Mayor, working with him to deliver his programme and effectively represent Newham's young people both within and outside the borough. You will manage all communications with the Young Mayor, organise events and manage projects to support the Young Mayor and Young Council. You will deliver annual Young Mayor Elections and events for Local Democracy Week, working with Councillors, Officers and schools to ensure effective delivery.

You will have experience of working with young people, hopefully in youth representation. You will be an excellent communicator, highly organised and effective in project management, and used to working for politicians, whether in local government, Whitehall or Parliament.


As the Council has a normal retirement age of 65, the maximum age for recruiting new employees will usually be 64 1/2.


The London Borough of Newham recognises that everyone in Newham has the right to play a full part in the life of the borough. This means that everyone should have equal access to council services, job opportunities and to having their voices heard.


It is the council's position that everyone should be treated fairly, without discrimination and with respect of their human rights, regardless of their gender, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, HIV status, religion, national or social origin or class.“


Horrified?  Then join up and get involved.  This is the reality of the battle we face, a mountainous bureaucracy creating non-jobs like this, this and the one above.  We need to expose more of this waste and hold them all to account.  Write to the Young Mayor of Newham asking him why he needs someone earning £34,000+ of taxpayers’ money to do the things his deputy mayor and the hundreds of other officers seemingly can’t.  Write to:


Zuhayb Ahmed
Young Mayor of Newham
Newham Town Hall
Barking Road
East Ham
E6 2RP
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 020 8430 2013


If you get any response, let us know.  Ask him of his opinions on waste, spending and tax.  Get his take on Council Tax.  If we can’t get through to the current generation of politicians, then we may as well start debating and discussing with the very people who will pay the price for this government’s over-spending, waste and mismanagement.

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