£75,000 to move war memorial 35 yards

When it comes to wasting taxpayers' money, Tameside Council has form. We have previously exposed the money it wasted on an iPhone app and walking lessons for staff, to name but two. Now the council intends to spend £75,000 moving the Tame Valley War Memorial 35 yards!

Moving the memorial inside Dukinfield cemetery will supposedly allow better access for visitors. It seems, however, that only the council leader and one other councillor are in favour of the move. Those opposed to the move include the Royal British Legion, the War Memorial Trust, English Heritage, and most tellingly Catherine Jones, the council's planning officer for conservation. She has been quoted as saying:

"If this damaging application was to be approved, this council would be guilty of proceeding with a costly and unnecessary intervention, which would completely destroy the special architectural and historic interest on a nationally important grade 2 listed building."

The next time Tameside Council complains it doesn't have any money for essential front-line services because of government cuts, every resident should remind them of this wasteful spending. The war memorial doesn't need moving. It has remained on its current site for over 90 years. There is overwhelming opposition to it being moved, and frankly, the Council doesn't have the cash to do it.

Perhaps the Council will bear all of this in mind and reverse its decision? Based on previous experience, I doubt it!

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