(Un)happy Red Tape Day

Despite public services, managed by politicians, failing in so many areas politicians are still trying to further their control over the rest of us.  The rate at which new regulations are imposed is even increasing - hurting Britain's competitiveness and creating endless new frustrations:

"Red Tape Day looms this week with business owners facing a raft of new employment regulations and tax changes.

In total 82 new rules, including corporate manslaughter legislation and rules to protect staff from sexual harassment by customers that impact on businesses will be implemented on April 6. This is a 12pc increase on last year, according to Sweet & Maxwell, the legal information provider.

The day is one of two chosen by the Government as so-called common commencement days to make it easier for employers to track new regulations. The other date is October 1.

Sweet & Maxwell said that the ensuing week will see the introduction of even more rules for businesses to get to grips with, giving a total of 128 compared to 81 introduced around the April Red Tape Day last year."

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