A noble resignation

Few people outside Islington will have heard of Cllr. Andrew Cornwell, the now former cabinet member for finance on Islington council.  But they should do, for here we have a councillor resigning his cabinet post because of a council’s “waste, inefficiency, spending on refreshments, conference venues, travel costs and consultants”.  Yes, that was a point of principle and to prove that some councillors aren’t just in it for the money, Cllr. Cornwell left his £35,075 salary when he resigned and now goes back to a basic allowance of £9,954.

Congratulations Cllr Cornwell, I say.  Here was a councillor who was trying to deliver value for money, yet saw his council leader jetting off to America for pointless seminars, lavish refreshments and endless waste.  But instead of keeping quiet, he’s sparked a debate in Islington, which you can see from the Islington Tribune’s letters page below.  Of note, also, is a letter from our very own Islington TPA branch organiser Tim Newark congratulating Cllr Cornwell.  Click to enlarge:

081125 Islington Tribune Newark Letter  

More recenetly, Cllr Cornwell has called for £100 to be cut off pensioners’ council tax bills by freezing councillor allowances and cutting spending on refreshments for councillors and consultants.  All good stuff to us at the TPA!

Normally we put councillor contact details on our blog for you to complain.  Not this time.  Give Cllr Cornwell some moral support by congratulating him on his stand for lower council tax!  You can contact him at: [email protected]

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