A Superb Knaresborough Action Day

Yesterday I was up in Knaresborough – a lovely part of the world – petitioning against local Lib Dem plans to requisition 10 per cent of councillor salaries for party political activities.


Knaresborough 25.3.09 016 


Knaresborough 25.3.09 001 


Knaresborough 25.3.09 002


We met by Blind Jack's Statue and proceeded to talk with residents about the local Lib Dem plans to misuse taxpayers' money for their own party political agenda.  With some great weather – albeit a bit windy – we handed out leaflets, got people to sign our petition against state funding of political parties and made ourselves known to local politicians. 


Knaresborough 25.3.09 005 


Knaresborough 25.3.09 013


Richard Hall, the county councillor who left the Lib Dems over the issue' even caught out some sneaky local Lib Dems sent to spy on us.  Why they felt they needed to spy, I don't know, we're more than happy to debate the issue with them.


In all we had a superb day, with plenty of great supporters, such as Edwin Romilly, Anne Thomas and Norman Abbott joining us.  Keep an eye out for notification of our next action day in North Yorkshire, because we're making an impact.


Knaresborough 25.3.09 015

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