A week to save the 10p tax band

Next week Labour MP Frank Field will table an amendment to save the 10p tax band.  If you’ve read a paper, watched the news or, really, just been awake at any time in the past fortnight, you’ll have heard of the gathering storm in the Labour Party about the abolition of the 10p tax band. 


Millions of pensioners and workers will be hit hardest, seeing their income tax rate double.  These are people who get up to go to work, sometimes doing jobs that most Britons don’t want to do.  These are people who have made the choice to work as cleaners or bar staff.  They could have fiddled the benefits system and taken the easy life sitting in front of the TV all day living off you and me.  But they haven’t.  They get up every morning and go to work.  So I think it’s time we threw our support behind Frank Field’s campaign to save the 10p tax band and stand by those who are being hit hardest for doing an honest day’s work.


It’s strongly recommended you contact your MP to spur them on, give them support and let them know the country is behind them if they rebel against the government.  You can find your MP by using the Write to Them website or through the parliament website.  Alternatively, you can contact your MP through their own website if you know who your representative is.  Make it clear you support retaining the 10p tax band and that abolishing it is a deeply unpopular move. 


Too often MPs standing on a point of principle are warned by the Whips of de-selection and trouble at the coming election.  This is your chance to even the balance between principle and the Machiavellian manoeuvres of party machines.  Get your friends, colleagues and anyone you know who wants to see a better deal for taxpayers to contact their MP and urge them to vote against the abolition of the 10p tax rate. 

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