About the 2020 Tax Commission

In 2012, the TaxPayers’ Alliance established the 2020 Tax Commission with the Institute of Directors, Europe’s largest membership organisation for business leaders, in order to consider ways in which the tax system could be simplified and the pressure on households and businesses reduced.

The Tax Commission was launched at a time when the UK’s tax code, already the longest in the world, was continuing to grow in both size and complexity. The rate of VAT and fuel duty had both been hiked. These increases, in conjunction with the plethora of other taxes levied in the UK, meant that a heavy burden was placed on households and businesses. What was more, the length and complexity of the tax code meant that mistakes were common.

After 18 months of evidence gathering by a distinguished group of Commissioners, the Commission presented their final report - The Single Income Tax - which calls for radical but realistic reform of our tax system.

In the 400 page report, the Commission calls for the abolition of eight taxes and the creation of just one - a Single Income Tax. The report’s proposals would result in substantial tax cuts for all households and provide a significant boost to economic growth.

The Single Income Tax presents a comprehensive plan for growth, vital to address problems within the current tax system.  

Chairman: Allister Heath

Commissioners: Andrew Allum, Richard Baron, Kevin Bell, Rosemary Brown, Mike Denham, Martin Durkin, Matthew Elliott, Anthony J. Evans, David Frost, Graham Hampson Silk, Graeme Leach, Andrew Lilico, Mark Littlewood, Douglas McWilliams, Fraser Nelson, Stephan Shakespeare

Chief Economist: David B. Smith

Principal Editor: Matthew Sinclair

Lead researchers: Rory Meakin, John O’Connell

Other contributors: Eamonn Butler, Scott Corfe, Arvid Malm, Tom Packer, Matt Ridley, Bilal Sambur, Nima Sanandaji, Tino Sanandaji, Corin Taylor, Tom Welsh

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