Activist Guide: Part 3 - Leafleting

Sany0071_2Over the past two weeks, you know how you can easily contribute to the TPA campaign from your home.  You can research into news stories to find anything for us to campaign on relevant to our crusade for lower taxes and better government.  You can follow this up with letters to your local paper, to kick start debates and turn your local community into a TPA supporter-base.


Now what if you want to do more…how can you actively recruit members to the TPA?


The first step, possibly the easiest, is to recruit your friends and family just by recommending us to them, inviting them to have a look at the TPA website where they can find taxpayers just like you campaigning for lower taxes.  Even if this comes up in casual conversation, whether talking about the price of petrol or the rubbish not being collected, plug the TPA because our message of lower taxes and smaller, better government is relevant because your money is being wasted! 


Furthermore, if people are complaining about taxes and the government, challenge them to do something about it.  Complaining won’t change anything, but recruiting, persuading and holding government to account will!


The next step is to get out there leafleting.  You can get TPA leaflets sent to you by emailing me at [email protected] and telling me how many you want to hand out so I can post them to you that day.  Our leaflets have the bonus of being freepost, giving you a greater return on your time volunteering for the TPA.  Simply leafleting your street, block of flats or leaving a pile (with permission, of course) at your local post office counter can make all the difference to our continuous recruitment strategy.


From then on in, if we have enough members to build a branch in your area, you can look to cover your ward or borough with TPA leaflets.  If you’re doing this, ask your council for a map of your council ward (it is your money after all, so may as well make some use of it) so you can mark off the areas already leafleted.  Furthermore, it’ll help us note which areas are good for us depending on leaflet returns.


In taking that valuable time out of your day to leaflet for the TPA, you could even recruit more activists willing to share the load and leaflet more often.  This is vital to our expansion as a mass movement the political class has to listen to.  We’ve been lectured for years on the need for taxes to go up to pay for better ‘services’.  What returns have we seen?  You need only look at hospital infection rates, falling standards in education and an inflated government bureaucracy to know where your money is being misspent.  The people are out there and becoming more receptive to our positive message, it’s up to you to help us pass on that message, to engage with the public and force the politicians to lower our taxes and cut wasteful spending.  Every bit you do really helps the cause.

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