All talk

As the public look on in horror as a spate of killings sweep inner London, anti social behaviour sky rockets and fear of crime rises, the government come out with more clichés – handcuffing themselves with their own incompetence.  Take this case in point:  Gordon Brown announced the other day that problem families will be evicted from their council homes.


It sounds like a great idea; those causing problems for their community should be removed.  But so ingrained is ten years of politically correct policy prescriptions that there are structures in place to keep problem families in their homes, making it more difficult for the government to evict them in the first place. 


See our non-job here from Southwark Council.  Read closely where the job description says the apparatchik should “intensively support problem families” who risk losing council tenancies through anti-social behaviour.  It’s as if the left hand doesn’t know what the far-left hand is doing.


On everything from crime, to tax, to immigration, the government have talked tough but delivered a pathetically weak response.  Labour tried to spin the abolition of the 10p tax as a tax cut, compensated by reducing the basic rate from 22% to 20%, when it was nothing near when fuel and other stealth tax increases are factored in.  On immigration their ‘British jobs for British workers’ policy was exposed as a farce when it was revealed an overwhelming majority of new jobs went to migrants.  That’s not to criticise their immigration policy per se, but it should describe a history of this government’s lack of purpose and honesty.


Your money in the past ten years apparently served as ‘investment’ in public services.  In return you get dirty hospitals, police barricaded in their stations through an avalanche of paperwork and a government employing PC bureaucrats – as mentioned above – to help problem families stay in their council houses.  After 11 years and so many broken promises, there is no reason now to think this discredited government will gimmick its way out of the crisis on our streets today.  Reverting to type, it’s more waste, more flannel and more incompetence from the government.

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