Allister Heath, 2020 Tax Commission Chairman

Allister Heath, 33, is Editor of City A.M., the daily business newspaper distributed in and around London and digitally. Under his editorship, the paper, which has now grown to a print circulation of 100,000 copies per day, has become an influential voice in London’s business community. Heath's trenchant daily column in the paper covers economics, finance, politics, geopolitics, business strategy and other subjects and has gathered an increasingly large following.

His articles have been published in a wide range of publications, including the Daily Mail, the Sun, the Wall Street Journal, the JC, the Literary Review and the Spectator, where he also serves as an associate editor.

He is an increasingly regular presence on the TV and radio. Recent appearances include BBC1's The Big Questions with Nicky Campbell; BBC1's Sunday Morning Live; and Channel Four’s Britain's Trillion Pound Horror Story, now out on DVD. He is regularly interviewed on BBC2’s Daily Politics and Sky News (where is also a newspaper reviewer). He is a weekly presenter's friend on CNBC’s Strictly Money show. He has also contributed to a range of other outlets, including BBC News, BBC London, Al Jazeera English, Bloomberg TV, NBC, Fox News and others. On the radio, he is regularly interviewed on Radio Five Live (including frequently as part of its Editor's slot), LBC and the BBC World Service.

Heath is a frequent public speaker, specialising in the outlook for the City and the economy, business trends and financial literacy. He often chairs conferences and seminars organised by corporates, think-tanks and trade associations.

His first book A Flat Tax: Towards a British model, with a foreword by Steve Forbes, was published in 2006. It was heavily drawn upon by George Osborne’s Tax Commission, chaired by Lord Forsyth. Heath recently became the Chairman of the 2020 Tax Commission which is investigating what the ideal tax system for the UK would be and will report in 2012.

Prior to taking over at City A.M. in March 2008, he was Editor of The Business magazine, a publication he originally joined as economics correspondent and leader-writer when it was a Sunday newspaper in 2002. He was also a regular contributor to The Scotsman and Scotland on Sunday. While at The Business, he also served a two-year term as a Wincott visiting professor of financial journalism at the University of Buckingham.

Heath was born and schooled in France. He moved to the UK to attend university, graduating with a BSc in economics from the London School of Economics and an M.Phil in economics from Hertford College, Oxford University.

His columns are archived at

Heath is contactable by email at [email protected] and on Twitter @allisterheath

You can view the Chairman's welcome video below:

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