Another Action Day in Worcester

Yesterday some of our Worcester activists met to discuss issues in their local area, and to do some leafleting in the city centre.

We’re now looking to have a TPA supporter responsible for each Worcestershire council, and though Wychavon is taken, the rest are still free so please do get in touch if you live in the area and you’d like to monitor your local council ([email protected])

Unfortunately, as far as leafleting was concerned, the weather was not on our side, but as the heavens opened, we took to leafleting inside a covered arcade, managing to chat with supportive passers-by about the growing tax burden.

Upon seeing our “Sick of being over-taxed” leaflets one particular woman loudly proclaimed “Yes! I pay far too much!!” and she and her friend happily took one each to fill out. Indeed, one the whole, the reaction was very positive, perhaps explaining why we have so many registered supporters in the area.

What’s more, everyone who attended the meeting left with a generous bundle of leaflets, keen to distribute them in their local area (one even posted some through letterboxes on the way back to his car!!). What’s more, Worcester TPA regular Doug Langdon has heroically ordered 2000 more in a determined attempt to recruit more supporters to the low-tax cause!
If you’d like to get involved with the Worcester TPA, or you’d like to start a branch in your area, then just drop me a line we’ll get the wheels in motion!


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