Another poster for Sandwell Council

Sandwell Council are at it again. Our supporter drove through the Borough just this morning only to be assaulted by the latest issue from their publicity department.

'Have Your Say!' it proclaims, advertising for Sandwell residents to attend 'Building Schools for the Future' consultations.


So where and when are these consultations? No point looking at this poster for that sort of information! The only thing you can be sure of is that they finish on the 25th April. Is the date something ends really the post useful piece of information to give?


The poster exists purely and simply to direct us to a website... Surely that can be done more cheaply?


I'm assuming that schools consultations are mainly of interest to parents who actually have children in the education system - so why not send children home from school with a letter about these meetings? This could always be backed up with reminders on community notice boards and in shop windows.  And of course the information is online, and there's no shortage of posters advertising the website as it stands!


Every event, indeed every thought that occurs to Sandwell Council seems to find itself emblazoned in 12inch high letters on most flat surfaces in the vicinity.


If you'd like to 'Have Your Say' on how Sandwell Council is spending your money then why not write to them?:


Sandwell MBC,
Sandwell Council House,
B69 3DE.
[email protected]

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