Army helicopters falling to pieces

The helicopter force of Apache gunships and Chinook transports that the British Army relies upon for support and mobility is apparently falling to pieces.  Half of the Apache gunships were grounded over summer and one third of the Chinooks withdrawn from service as not "fit for purpose".


These can join the long list of failures to properly equip the armed forces serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Nimrods that crash killing their crew, Land Rovers that do not offer proper protection against roadside bombs and malfunctioning radios.  Defence procurement requires careful management to ensure costs are controlled, quality equipment is delivered and the projects do not take too long.  British defence procurement produces equipment with a decidedly mixed record, that comes in way over budget and is often years late.  Despite all this the civil servant in charge, Sir Peter Spencer, was paid £176,800 last year.  The taxpayer is being made to reward failure.

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