Ashford Council's waste habit

A supporter in Kent keeps us informed with a constant stream of information on local government waste and mismanagement.  She completes the hat-trick over Ashford Borough Council this week with yet another instance of overspending, this time highlighting Ashford Council’s £80,000+ legal fees.


In a Freedom of Information request by the Kentish Express, Ashford Borough Council conceded it had spent more than £80,000 of taxpayers’ money on legal consultation to recover any money caused by the delays in rebuilding a local leisure centre, the Stour Centre.


True to form, like we exposed in our research into government overspend, the Kentish Express reveal the Stour Centre is £5 million over budget and 18 months late.


Yet again, we see local government unable to do anything under budget and on time.  And yet again we see councils dipping into our money – which we want to go to frontline services – for legal consultation to try and undo the mess they’ve made.


So feel free to write into the Kentish Express and keep up the campaign, let the people know there is a majority against our councils wasting our money like this:


Letters Editor
Ashford office of the Kentish Express
34 North Street
TN24 8JR
Email: [email protected] (highlight it’s a letter for the Ashford edition of the Kent Express)


And also let the leader of Ashford Council know that we’re holding him directly to account on this overspend and waste:


Cllr Paul Clokie
Ashford Borough Council
The Briars
High Street
Kent TN30 6JB
Email: [email protected]

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