Automate the state: Better and cheaper public services

‘Automate the state’ - TaxPayers’ Alliance launches campaign to deliver better quality public services

  • After the announcement that more money will be spent on the NHS, we should pick up the pace of automation in healthcare
  • Introducing more automation into the public sector more broadly can save taxpayers £17 billion a year by 2030
  • Automation should be welcomed, not feared. Between 2001 and 2015, new technology made 800,000 jobs obsolete, but it created more than 3.5 million
  • Dedicated public service workers deserve to do their jobs with dignity, not be bogged down with bureaucratic tasks

Today the TaxPayers’ Alliance launches a new campaign to promote a rapid increase in the automation of public services. Given that the prime minister announced on Sunday that the NHS will receive a spending increase of £20 billion a year, now is the time for the government to embrace new technologies. These will improve services and save taxpayers billions.