AWM scatter some more of our money around

With our heads still spinning from the vagaries of the recent Advantage West Midlands conference, a WMTPA supporter sent over a flyer for a “FREE Diversity Week Workshop” sponsored by…well, guess.


Divflyer Open to SME business managers and employees, the workshop will be delivered by First Oracle and is entitled “Thinking Outside the Equality & Diversity Box”, which I’m sure is a huge priority for such businesses at the moment. They’re probably bored of figuring out how to make ends meet and retain the staff they have during a recession anyway.


Traditionally, lectures on political correctness don’t come cheap so who knows how much the taxpayer has stumped up for this one, or how many people will actually attend (let alone follow through on the preachy advice given). With West Midlands employment stats looking pretty lamentable, it is – unfortunately – as plain as day that not many companies in this region are hiring, let alone looking to enrich the tapestry of their workforce with new employees chosen for their ‘life experience’ rather than their skills.


This may not be the sort of thing that provokes mass outrage, it might not be sucking millions upon millions from the public purse, but it does arouse fears that this unelected agency with access to an enormous amount of taxpayers’ cash doesn’t really have it’s eye on the ball… 


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