Bath Action Day on the Clean Air Zone

TPA staff and supporters rallied in Bath ahead of a special cabinet meeting on proposals for a clean air zone tax. We were there to highlight our latest research showing that instead of an ineffective tax on lorries, coaches and minibuses, greater emphasis should be placed on improving the region's transport infrastructure. We spoke to local residents and businesses about B&NES council's plans to charge certain vehicles £100 per day just to drive into the city. Our findings showed that this would hurt tourism, hinder businesses and restrict the city's economic growth. It is important that cities have the cleanest air possible but improving local roads, such as a linking the A36 to the A46, or introducing electric buses would reduce air pollution and avert the need for a tax. Ahead of the cabinet meeting we sent an open letter to councillors urging them to scrap the charge on taxis, van, lorries, minibuses and coaches but unfortunately the proposals were voted through. It could have been much worse as the council had previously considered charging cars £9 per day and our efforts helped to ensure this didn't happen.

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