BBC Brussels Bias

We blogged a while ago about a BBC probe into its own bias.  Last week we had the BBC smear campaign against the Queen.  Now the BBC is probing the Today programme to gauge the extent of its bias in favour of the European Union.

In a letter to Sir Michael Lyons, UKIP Peer Lord Pearson claimed only one in five interviewees on the Today show held a eurosceptic viewpoint.  Lyons’ reply pledged an inquiry by the BBC Trust into Euro-bias.

This is hardly surprising.

For years the BBC has been pilloried for its taxpayer-funded Euro-bias.  When the Euro was on the political agenda the BBC commissioned ‘Referendum Street’ where an ‘average’ street debated the pro’s and cons of the Euro and then voted – shock, horror - for the Euro.  This all came at a time when the overwhelming majority of the public were firmly opposed to the Euro, and have been since.

This means your money paying for views you don’t accept or want thrown through your TV screens day in, day out. 

Not that this development is anything to cry about.  With the BBC under even more scrutiny the public will quickly come to the conclusion that it needs to be privatised, so its views can reflect the demand and opinions in the market and not the wishy-washy liberalism of the metropolitan elite.

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