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Without the help of our activists around the country we could not be as effective as we are. There are many ways you can help us in our grassroots campaigns, from handing out leaflets and attending action days, to organising a branch of the TaxPayers’ Alliance in your area. As always, if you organise anything let us know so we can add it to our events page and feature your write up on our blog.


Here are just some of the things you can do:

Hand out TPA recruitment leaflets

Deliver recruitment leaflets to your street, village or block of flats. Our recruitment leaflets are a great way of raising awareness of the TPA, and those who receive a leaflet can join by mailing it back to us free of charge.
Call us on 020 7998 1450 or email Jennifer Salisbury-Jones and we’ll send you some.

Join an Action Day

Our local coordinators regularly organise local action days across the country on both local and national issues. For example, in Bristol we successfully campaigned against the council introducing a Workplace Parking Levy. We have also held dozens of street stalls promoting campaigns such as Stop the Energy Swindle and Stamp Out Stamp Duty’.


Write to your local councillor and MP

Highlight waste and make the case for lower taxes. Letters and emails to your elected representatives present your views to the people who make decisions. If we hold a grassroots event near you we will send you a bulletin with all the details; write to your local politicians about it. The more correspondence they receive, the more they take our campaigning seriously! To find out who your local representatives are click here.

Write to your local newspaper

Expose your local council for wasting taxpayers money and invite others to support the TPA campaign. Letters are a great way of raising awareness of local issues, and you can also write letters in support of our national and local campaigns.

A recent letter from a supporter helped Tim Newark, our local coordinator for Bath and the South West, highlight those councillors who failed to pay their council tax on time.

Start a local branch of the TaxPayers’ Alliance

We have branches across the country and it doesn't cost anything other than your time and commitment. Recently a local campaign in Yorkshire forced councils to give taxpayers the right to record, blog and tweet at council meetings. This has resulted in a change in the law!

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