Birmingham City Council confuse postal voters

Unfortunately today the WMTPA brings you the latest oversight from the council that brought you such cringeworthy bloopers as mistaking itself for its namesake city in Alabama, USA.


That’s right, a canny TPA supporter has spotted a glaring error on the postal voter cards that have been flooded out in Birmingham in advance of the 6th May elections. 






Sadly, someone at the council hasn’t yet adjusted since the New Year and – unforgivably – no-one has managed to proof read this document before thousands were sent out.


A typo is a typo, but not only does it betray of a general lack of attention to detail (like in the Alabama case), especially worrying when it comes to something as important as election details, but it’s also pretty costly. See Birmingham City Council’s response below!:


BCC response




One more question – how did they manage to get the month wrong too??


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