Black and white and mad all over

News broke this week that Northern Rock, which is of course owned by taxpayers, has spent £10 million sponsoring Newcastle United. It's absurd that a bank who needed our cash to keep its head above water is now using that money to sponsor sports teams.

Even TPA Campaign Director Mark Wallace - who is a Newcastle fan - criticised the move in this week's press, saying: "A bank that needed to be bailed out by taxpayers should be focusing on repaying that money. Even if they want to spend £10million on advertising, there are much better targeted ways to do that which could reap bigger rewards." 

But, look on the bright side, Mark: what's theirs is ours! So we encourage all our supporters to make use of this farcical sponsorship and write to Northern Rock and demand use of the corporate hospitality box at St. James's Park. Email them here: [email protected] 

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