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Summer Budget reveals spending increases

The Chancellor has announced substantial increases in spending in his first Conservative budget, compared to the plans he published in...

5:53 PM July 08, 2015

Costly delays to inquiry begin to add up

On the 7th July 2014, Theresa May, established an enquiry into the failings of public bodies in light of the...

9:29 AM July 08, 2015

Poor use of taxpayers' money in Cornwall

The poor use of European taxpayers’ money spent in Cornwall has been strongly criticised by a recent report. Key findings...

4:41 PM July 06, 2015

An opportunity for tax simplification

With the budget less than a week away, speculation is rife as to what will and won’t be...

2:01 PM July 03, 2015

Stop me if you've heard this one before: Government IT project goes over-budget

Another day, another sorry tale of a government IT project going horribly wrong.

When announced in 2009, the General Practice...

8:21 AM July 02, 2015

Yet again, our tax and benefit system fails to make sense

Last year the average UK household paid over £13,000 in taxes, the ONS revealed yesterday.

The sheer scale...

4:27 PM June 30, 2015

Two years of costly optimism on foreign aid

Yesterday’s Sunday Times reported how ministers at the Foreign Office were warned by the International Development Secretary nearly two...

4:30 PM June 29, 2015

HMRC fails to answer 18 million calls, then bill us to fix their failings

HMRC, it has been reported today, fails to pick up the phone to one in four people. Last year alone...

11:45 AM June 26, 2015

Wales is the beacon of waste

This week, the Welsh Taxpayer has witnessed yet another waste of their hard earned money. Three top managers have opted...

9:38 AM June 26, 2015

Why quantitative easing isn't the answer

A while ago we wrote about about why the TaxPayers' Alliance are worried about the current state of government...

10:58 AM June 23, 2015

If you have a problem with a public service, do you know how to complain?

Public services, in many cases, are no longer provided by single monolithic bodies. The range of providers has grown with...

9:07 AM June 18, 2015

Temporary NHS staff earn excessive pay

Barts NHS Trust  is paying £47,000 a month to their temporary Director of Finance, Ian Miller - an annual total of...

2:34 PM June 16, 2015

While the NHS efficiencies in Lord Carter's report are welcome, more fundamental reform is needed

Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England, stated in the Five Year Forward View that the NHS would face...

2:31 PM June 15, 2015

Southampton Taxpayers footing the bill for £15m museum

The SeaCity Museum in Southampton, opened in 2012, has seen its visitor numbers halve in the past year.

The Spending Plan has been explained

Yesterday our last 'Spending Plan Explained' post was published...

12:47 PM June 12, 2015

Happy Tax Freedom Day 2015!

Here's a little happiness for your pre-Monday blues

9:00 AM May 31, 2015

The Queens Speech: Our reaction explained

If you missed the Queen's Speech today you can read the full text here. You can find our 

11:08 AM May 28, 2015

Welsh Politicians forced to take a 18.5% pay increase?

The Welsh Assembly’s Remuneration Board has forced a 18.5% pay increase upon members of the devolved government taking the pay...

3:06 PM May 26, 2015

Money spinning speed camera

The astonishing amount of money generated by just one speed camera was recently revealed in Weston, North Somerset. In just...

2:13 PM May 21, 2015

Warnings from the United States

The Competitive Enterprise Institute’s excellent paper, the 'Ten Thousand Commandments' is an annual snapshot of the regulations within the US...

2:43 PM May 13, 2015

Bin tax scrapped

Good news for taxpayers in South Gloucestershire as their new council administration pledges to phase out a controversial...

10:30 AM May 13, 2015

The new government's clear mandate to cut spending and tax

In the aftermath of last Thursday's surprise election result, the new Conservative government should reflect on the priorities for taxpayers...

2:25 PM May 12, 2015

Post Election Conference line up announced

This afternoon in the immediate aftermath of the General Election, The TaxPayers' Alliance, Business for BritainConservativeHome and the 

1:08 PM May 11, 2015

The NHS Cash Crisis, continued

With just two days to go until the election, the parties are once again focussing on the Health Service -...

3:16 PM May 05, 2015

Ed Balls right to reconsider the Garden Bridge project

Responding to Ed Balls' comments on the Garden Bridge yesterday and the Chancellor's statement that it would be '

The 'Bedroom Tax' is no such thing

Six days to go.

Today Labour will pledge to kill the "bedroom tax" on day one if elected. Ed Miliband...

9:45 AM May 01, 2015

Cornwall Council’s wibbly-wobbly polling booths

Cornwall Council is to be congratulated for trying to save taxpayers’ money during the election campaign - but they have...

3:43 PM April 30, 2015

National insurance hurts the employee, it is time for reform

Employment Allowance allows businesses to reduce its national insurance contributions by up to £2,000 and figures today show that this...

12:35 PM April 30, 2015

Cutting Air Passenger Duty is welcome, but it should be scrapped entirely

There is welcome news for taxpayers today as the changes to Air Passenger Duty announced in the 2014 Autumn Statement...

10:45 AM April 30, 2015

Improving weak productivity and Chris Giles' three tests

The Financial Times economics editor Chris Giles has written an interesting article bemoaning the paucity of attention given to...

8:27 PM April 29, 2015

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