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Taxes can still rise after the election

Have you heard of this magic trick?

Someone puts a ping pong ball under an upside-down mug and then says...

11:06 AM April 29, 2015

We should be talking about poverty, not inequality

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a debate hosted by The Spectator, the motion for which was “Politicians...

11:05 AM April 28, 2015

Network Rail spent £1.3 million on domestic flights

You couldn’t make it up.

10:39 AM April 28, 2015

Smoking out waste in Wales

With the Welsh public sector budget deficit currently at 20% of GDP (compared to around 5% for the UK as a whole),  you would...

2:27 PM April 24, 2015

Devon Council wastes thousands of pounds fighting local traders

Devon residents breathed a sigh of relief as the long and costly battle to reverse the council’s change...

9:58 AM April 22, 2015

The hidden costs of a Mansion Tax

There is something of a comfortable delusion regarding the proposed ‘Mansion Tax,’ a levy on the highest value properties put...

4:42 PM April 20, 2015

New analysis: Should savings shift from investment to consumption?

All of the major parties have committed to financial restraint in their manifestos and at face value this is welcome.


12:11 PM April 17, 2015

DfID: "A juggernaut out of control"

Shocking news in The Times  (£) this morning, as it is revealed that Britain is paying professional aid staff up...

10:24 AM April 17, 2015

The deficit? What deficit?

We've given them a chance but with 3 weeks to go we have yet to hear about how exactly the...

10:32 AM April 16, 2015

Will a £1.7 billion scheme deliver the goods?

South West commuters are bracing themselves for a summer of disruption as Network Rail proceeds with its £1.7...

10:25 AM April 16, 2015

Revealed: 1,794 NHS dentists take home more than £100,000

Our research demonstrates the sheer scale of NHS dentists' salaries in the United Kingdom, revealing that despite 'austerity' across the...

2:02 PM April 11, 2015

Suncream on the NHS (really)

You would think that when Britain is ranked a poor 27th in world health and wellness that the NHS would be...

1:54 PM April 09, 2015

Tax pledges, Chris Giles and tax distribution. How much does being proud need to cost?

At the Financial Times, economics editor Chris Giles laments pre-election tax pledges which restrict their ability to raise taxes...

1:35 PM April 09, 2015

Today's announcement on non-dom tax status

Ed Miliband has laid down an enormous tax mine in the election field with his proposal to abolish non-domiciled status....

2:32 PM April 08, 2015

Government waste or April fool?

How did you do at our April fools quiz?

Or maybe you haven't taken it yet? We took some time...

5:20 PM April 02, 2015

The case of Manston Airport: why government should not attempt to pick winners

The TPA has long been concerned about the amount of taxpayer money spent involved in Manston Airport – an ex-RAF...

9:01 AM March 31, 2015

The TaxPayers' Alliance at Liberty League's Freedom Forum

This weekend, the TPA took part in Liberty League's Freedom Forum, the UK's largest gathering of pro-liberty students and...

12:00 PM March 30, 2015

The TaxPayers' Alliance launch Generation Screwed

It was a busy weekend for the TaxPayers' Alliance as, on Saturday, we launched our new campaign: Generation Screwed.

9:48 AM March 30, 2015

Government Mission Creep Continues as Innovate UK Grants Reach £3.5 Billion

Transparency data shows that Innovate UK (formerly the Technology Strategy Board) has offered grants totalling over £3.5 billion of...

12:01 PM March 27, 2015

Tax evasion made easier by reliefs, says report

We've been saying for years that the UK's tax code is baffling complex - and that the legion of reliefs,...

10:01 AM March 27, 2015

The TaxPayers' Alliance call on Welsh Councils to reduce Council Tax

Earlier this week, the TaxPayers’ Alliance toured North Wales as part of our campaign against extortionate rises in Council Tax....

3:35 PM March 24, 2015

Cabinet office savings have set a high benchmark

A Cabinet Office report, The State of the Estate, shows that £1.4 billion of savings have been made from a...

3:10 PM March 24, 2015

“Avastin vs Lucentis” – How the NHS pays over the odds for drugs

Radio 4’s Inside Health this week covered the story of two drugs, Avastin and Lucentis. This may seem like an...

3:46 PM March 19, 2015

DfID shows that throwing money at a problem doesn’t work

The Independent Commission for Aid Impact’s (ICAI) review of DfID’s security and justice (S&J) programmes is damning. Overall it grades...

10:33 AM March 17, 2015

A £700 million health tourism gap is a burden the NHS can ill afford

Several newspapers have reported that the ‘health tourism gap’ was almost £700 million in 2013-14. This is the difference between...

12:54 PM March 16, 2015

We must talk about how to fund healthcare

The Times carries an excellent leader column (£) today. The paper rightly says that we need an honest debate...

5:55 PM March 14, 2015

Council Tax increases or just plain robbery?

Most Welsh Taxpayers, I'm sorry to say, will have their already heavy tax burden increased again this year.

Councils throughout...

9:59 AM March 12, 2015

Students ‘screwed’ by national debt

Students gathered at the Forum on the campus of the University of Exeter to hear TPA Chief Executive Jonathan Isaby...

9:47 AM March 12, 2015

Drop the Duty!

Ahhhh, Friday.

9:45 AM March 06, 2015

Time for more accountability

Today’s newspapers do not make pleasant reading for anybody.

5:17 PM March 04, 2015

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