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We need to rethink taxpayer-funded grant giving

1:59 PM December 15, 2014

A BBC Theme Park?

4:32 PM December 12, 2014

Taxpayers deserve more honesty on fiscal policy

Political parties are talking about the "tough decisions" they'd take to reduce spending. But they're all being very light on...

3:58 PM December 11, 2014

Looking at the numbers behind today's speech by Ed Miliband

Labour leader Ed Miliband will today criticise Coalition plans to reduce spending over the next Parliament.

10:56 AM December 11, 2014

New World Bank loans to Argentina leave British taxpayers on the hook yet again

Last week we heard some passionate arguments being put forward in the House of Commons on the subject of international...

2:32 PM December 10, 2014

No more fat to trim?

Let’s have a quick look at what we - as a country - are facing at the moment.  National debt...

4:04 PM December 08, 2014

The War on Waste in Tower Hamlets

Last Tuesday the War on Waste came to Tower Hamlets, a borough which has become a byword for bad local...

9:56 AM December 05, 2014

Digging into the detail of the Stamp Duty announcements

Something very curious is stated in the Autumn Statement supporting documents. It is difficult to know exactly what is going...

9:14 AM December 05, 2014

Benefit fraud - the cost of an expensive minority

4:39 PM December 04, 2014

Today's Stamp Duty announcements

Our Stamp Out Stamp Duty campaign has borne fruit today as the Chancellor scrapped the notorious ‘slab’ rate...

4:29 PM December 03, 2014

Kwasi Kwarteng is right - ringfences are bad policy

The Independent’s front page today features Kwasi Kwarteng MP under the headline “Cameron WILL have to cut NHS spending,”...

9:44 AM December 03, 2014

Autumn Statement: How to lower taxes on the lowest-paid

“No main UK party proposes tax plan to benefit low earners” screamed headlines earlier this week yesterday as the...

4:21 PM December 02, 2014

NHS Spending: The Facts

There was much talk this weekend about an extra £2 billion of funding for the NHS. Healthcare certainly has...

10:01 AM December 02, 2014

Air Passenger Duty relief would be positive but more to do

There has been welcome speculation over the past weeks and days that the campaign, led by Andrew Bridgen MP and...

3:44 PM December 01, 2014

Powerful IEA report urges Chancellor to be bold on tax

The Chancellor should adopt bold measures to simplify our chaotic tax system, according to a powerful new...

11:23 AM December 01, 2014

Autumn Statement must be ambitious

George Osborne will this week deliver the final Autumn Statement of this Parliament. He should use the opportunity to declare a...

9:44 AM December 01, 2014

Londoners will pay Ivan Massow's Hotel Tax

Financial advisory boss Ivan Massow launched his bid to become the Tory candidate for the election of Mayor or London...

5:16 PM November 26, 2014

Angelina Jolie slams the Mansion Tax

11:02 AM November 26, 2014

Campaigning to Stamp Out Stamp Duty in Southend

Southend on Sea was the battleground for the latest Taxpayers’ Alliance skirmish against high taxes and government overspend. Local TPA...

5:26 PM November 25, 2014

Time to bin Plain Packaging once and for all

A new study from two Australian scientists suggests that the plain packaging of cigarettes, which has been mandatory down under...

4:50 PM November 25, 2014

Local Authorities Living Within Their Means

There is a theory that a problem expands in proportion to the time that is dedicated to it. Public spending...

4:22 PM November 20, 2014

The War on Waste comes to Scotland

The TaxPayers' Alliance have joined TaxpayerScotland to bring the low tax message North of the border.

9:07 AM November 19, 2014

Welcome to our new website

Welcome to the new website of the TaxPayers’ Alliance. For ten years, we’ve been protecting taxpayers and making the case...

8:36 AM November 17, 2014

Students gather for a TPA crash course

University of Bristol students gathered at the King’s Arms in Whiteladies Road, a favourite pub with local students, to hear...

10:15 AM November 13, 2014

TPA letter in the Times calls for a War on Waste

John O’Connell wrote a letter to the Times in response to an article by Paul Johnson of the Institute for...

10:12 AM November 12, 2014

If a teacher doesn't teach...

Every year, when we publish data on the number of full-time union representatives whose salaries are paid for by taxpayers,...

10:09 AM November 11, 2014

Understanding quangos is important but not the ultimate goal

The UK’s system of public bodies is inconsistent, overlapping, confused, cluttered and ultimately lacks accountability. Taxpayers need to know what...

10:53 AM November 10, 2014

TaxPayers' Alliance research cited in the House of Commons

At Business Questions to the Leader of the House, David Nuttall MP cited our paper on aid effectiveness, which revealed that...

9:37 AM November 10, 2014

High taxes are why fuel is so expensive

Good news for motorists! The chancellor is “watching very carefully” to make sure fuel companies reduce petrol prices to reflect...

9:55 AM November 07, 2014

School spending spirals out of control

9:04 AM November 07, 2014

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