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An independent exam authority

The Telegraph reports that today Ed Balls will announce a replacement for the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) that...

3:24 PM September 26, 2007

Private company to offer degrees

The Financial Times reports:

"A private sector company has been granted the power to award degrees for the first time,...

12:32 PM September 25, 2007

Christmas threatened by Union-Grinches

The Telegraph reports that...

11:48 AM September 25, 2007


Political Trumps

Toptrumpsbox The...

5:10 PM September 24, 2007

Battle for free-market ideas still to be won

An interesting FT/Harris poll is covered in the Financial Times today (here for questions, here for further write-up)....

1:31 PM September 24, 2007

FACT and TPA at work in Norwich


1:27 PM September 24, 2007

New tax on workplace parking spaces proposed

Today's Times reports:

"Commuters face a £350 tax on workplace parking spaces in an attempt to encourage them out...

12:52 PM September 24, 2007

Tower Shamlets 'defend' Islamist books

A couple of weeks ago we highlighted a report by the Centre for Social Cohesion that exposed the shocking...

12:37 PM September 24, 2007

Weekly Waste Watch- 75

Inheritance "crack down" is about securing the government's spending fix

Death_tax The Taxpayers' Alliance has...

6:37 PM September 21, 2007

The PCSO Problem


1:12 PM September 21, 2007

Ashford Council's waste habit

A supporter in Kent keeps us informed with a constant stream of information on local government waste and mismanagement. ...

11:16 AM September 21, 2007

Democracy coming to a Parish near you?

BallotWe reported recently on the...

10:47 AM September 21, 2007

Cult Of Amateur Delivers Northern Wreck

Getting into the top universities

The Sutton Trust reports (PDF) that state school pupils do not have the same chance of getting into top...

6:16 PM September 20, 2007

The "rich" are merely those who earn more than MPs

An interesting piece from the Scotsman points out that while the Liberal Democrats plan to hammer "rich" households earning...

12:32 PM September 20, 2007

Not Me Guv Government

Poems on 'The Public' by David Bartley

Black Country poet and West Midlands TaxPayers’ Alliance supporter David Bartley has written some poetry inspired by the unopened £70...

12:43 PM September 19, 2007

Britain falls in international education league tables

The Times reports another international comparison that shows failure in British education.  It uses exam results which there is...

12:43 PM September 19, 2007

Non-job of the Week

Smallbluebin When Islington Council has...

12:03 PM September 19, 2007

Mela organisers demand £34k from Birmingham City Council

Testament to how generous Birmingham City Council are known to be with their (our) cash, the organisers of July’s Banga...

5:59 PM September 18, 2007

Restrictive surgery hours costs business £1 billion every year

The Times reports a new survey showing the cost to Britain of time off to visit the doctor.

"The Confederation...

5:09 PM September 18, 2007

Public see little prospect of improvement in the public services

The Financial Times reports a decline in the numbers expecting improvements in the public services:

"On public services generally, those...

4:40 PM September 18, 2007

Primary Care System in Need of Urgent Reform

Closed_sign2_3The health service exists not...

3:57 PM September 18, 2007

Blank Cheque

Taxpayers introducing local democracy

A local Dorset campaign group has used UK legislation to stage its own ‘parish referendum’ on the EU constitution.

From the...

11:08 AM September 18, 2007

Zac Goldsmith responds to his critics

Goldsmith’s response to his critics has more than a whiff of desperation.  He starts out by separating bans and...

2:50 PM September 17, 2007

Beyond Parody

So that's what the non-jobbers do all day...

1:27 PM September 17, 2007

A wheelie bad waste in Ashford

OakcycleAshford Borough Council, fresh after...

11:45 AM September 17, 2007

Weekly Waste Watch- 74

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