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Toptrumpsbox_3 In time for the...

12:59 PM September 14, 2007


Tower Shamlets at it again...

From this morning’s Metro newspaper:

“Two white councillors have hit out after being excluded from a meeting because of their...

10:53 AM September 14, 2007

TPA ignites tax debate in Norwich


The TPA has today scored a success in Norwich.  The Norwich Evening...

6:10 PM September 13, 2007

Staffordshire County Council Non-jobs

Whilst Stoke-On-Trent Council advertise for a £75,000-per-year spin doctor as reported in last week’s The Sentinel, Staffordshire County Council now...

5:38 PM September 13, 2007

TaxPayers' Alliance response to the Quality of Life Policy Group

This document sets out the problems with the "Blueprint for a Green Economy:  Submission to the Shadow Cabinet" report of...

5:17 PM September 13, 2007

Islington Branch to kick off their campaigns!

Wednesday saw the first meeting of the Islington TPA, with an impressive turnout of activists committed to a grassroots campaign...

1:04 PM September 13, 2007

Bosses And Beds

Political-Correctness in Cornwall

TPA supporter Richard Jones has let us know of some political-correctness-gone-mad down in Cornwall.  Local resident Denis Lusby had...

7:03 PM September 12, 2007

Government Project Disasters

Note to Basildon Council - you are being watched...

A TPA activist has alerted us to this shocking example of government waste in
Basildon Council:

"Inclusion & Diversity Manager To...

3:42 PM September 12, 2007

Non-job of the week

SmallbluebinLast week Tower Shamlets council...

1:34 PM September 12, 2007

Advantage West Midlands spend your real money on their virtual project

Most of us know very little about high-tech ‘virtual world’ gaming, so it might come as a surprise that the...

6:06 PM September 11, 2007

Wanless Shocker

Taxing Reading

140571235x_2Our tax code is...

12:28 PM September 11, 2007

Councils waste half a million on 'status'

TPA Activist Barbara Lockwood, who also runs her local campaign ‘Folk Against Council Tax’, has sent us a story about...

11:51 AM September 11, 2007


Waste Watch on defence spending

Today's PAC report...

10:02 AM September 11, 2007

The problems with the Happy Planet Index

Informed sources think that something along the lines of the New Economics Foundation’s Happy Planet Index is going...

7:13 PM September 10, 2007

Same old TUC

Labour_isnt_working2_2 The conference season started...

12:47 PM September 10, 2007

Weekly Waste Watch- 73

News Release: TaxPayers' Alliance Annual Conference Season Poll

 Major landscape poll finds strong shift in public attitudes towards tax

 Council Tax is second...

11:50 PM September 08, 2007

The Taser debate heats up...


1:17 PM September 07, 2007

Police chief calls for the abolition of targets

Ian Johnston, the president of the Police Superintendents Association, is denouncing Whitehall crime-fighting targets as a "shambles":

"He maintains...

11:51 AM September 07, 2007

Specialist schools fail to raise standards

From the Telegraph today:

"Almost every comprehensive in England has been turned
into a "specialist school" - receiving thousands...

11:36 AM September 07, 2007

TPA Organiser in Liverpool newspaper

StarThree cheers to our Liverpool...

10:55 AM September 07, 2007

The Buck Bounces Back

Our reporter on the trail... before he contracted foot and mouth

According to the...

10:43 AM September 07, 2007

Liberal Democrats defend their excuse to take your money

Yesterday the Liberal Democrats attacked our study on green taxes.  They make two arguments:

1.    More recent studies,...

7:23 PM September 06, 2007

£7million Walsall Council programme gets 'zero' rating

The Walsall Observer reported today that Walsall Council’s £7million scheme designed to help vulnerable members of the community has...

6:48 PM September 06, 2007

Britain lags in quality of life index

Yesterday the Telegraph reported that a new Economist index will reveal Britain lagging behind other countries of similar...

6:24 PM September 06, 2007

Update On Running Sores

12:36 PM September 06, 2007

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