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Justine Greening reaffirms her stance on funding Argentina – but more to do

The issue of taxpayer-backed World Bank loans to Argentina keeps turning up like a bad penny.

10:09 AM November 06, 2014

If you really care about the Health Service, be honest about its shortcomings

The worst secret in British politics is exposed again today, as the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AMRC) suggests waste...

9:30 AM November 06, 2014

Why Councils shouldn’t try to be businesses

Once again we have cause to question the business sense of Thanet District Council. Ramsgate Port still lies unused by any...

10:29 AM November 05, 2014

Overseas aid needs more targeting, not more money

As we reported last week, a report form the Independent Commission on Aid Impact rated DfID’s strategy towards tackling corruption...

10:25 AM November 05, 2014

Jonathan writes for the Daily Mail

We wrote yesterday about the Annual Tax Summaries hitting doormats this week, and today our Chief Executive Jonathan Isaby writes...

10:33 AM November 04, 2014

Annual Tax Summaries hit the doormat

This week sees a quiet revolution, as the first Annual Tax Summaries hit the doormats of some 24 million people.

10:38 AM November 03, 2014

Why the Garden Bridge could well be a white elephant

In theory, there’s nothing not to like. The planned new “Garden Bridge” across the Thames will no doubt be a striking...

10:42 AM November 01, 2014

Foreign aid fuelling corruption in the developing world

A new report from the Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI), the watchdog tasked with monitoring Britain’s aid spending abroad, 

5:07 PM October 30, 2014

You do have a moral duty to cut taxes, Prime Minister. Please stop raising them

Writing in the Times today, David Cameron made a moral case for cutting taxes. Good. It’s not heard often enough.


5:06 PM October 30, 2014

Department for Transport’s economics go off-track

Today saw the publication of a quietly damning National Audit Office report into the ability, or lack thereof, of the Department...

5:06 PM October 29, 2014

Roadworks grind to a halt in Bath

“These things can happen” is the lame excuse given by the leader of Bath and North East Somerset Council (B&NES),...

5:06 PM October 29, 2014

TPA research raised at Prime Minister’s Questions

Henry Smith MP raised recent TaxPayers’ Alliance research, undertaken by Harry Phibbs, at Prime Minister’s Questions today in the House of...

5:06 PM October 29, 2014

Time for honesty in our tax system

The Times’ Philip Webster’s “Red Box” email briefing this morning carried some interesting polling in light of calls for more...

5:06 PM October 27, 2014

The time is now for Real Recall

Other than perhaps estate agents or bankers, it’s hard to think of a group of people more unpopular than Britain’s...

5:06 PM October 27, 2014

Mapping a smarter deficit reduction strategy

New Office for National Statistics figures published this week have shown that the Government is on course to fail to...

9:05 AM October 24, 2014

The NHS has enough money. It needs to spend it better

“NHS needs extra cash and overhaul” scream the headlines today, with NHS England boss Simon Stevens making the case for...

9:07 AM October 23, 2014

High drama at the Arts Council for Wales

The BBC has reported upon the cuts being made to the Arts Council for Wales (ACW) in a recent article. The...

4:49 PM October 22, 2014

Flight tax fury shows how painful it is

Just weeks after the TaxPayers’ Alliance campaigned against Air Passenger Duty (APD) at Bristol Airport, the unpopular tax on holidaymakers has...

4:49 PM October 22, 2014

Nine Mansion Tax questions for Ed Balls

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls wrote in today’s Evening Standard about his alarming Mansion Tax plan. So, Mr Balls, can you answer these...

4:49 PM October 20, 2014

Our tax code is too complicated – of course there’s a tax gap

News broke this week from The Treasury that the “tax gap” between what is owed to HMRC and what is actually...

5:19 PM October 17, 2014

Special Responsibility Allowances in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

This report highlights payments made in Special Responsibility Allowances (SRA) to councillors in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. SRA are taxpayer-funded allowances...

12:30 PM October 16, 2014

TPA Annual Review 2013 – 2014

After another successful year, it’s time once again for our Annual Review. In our tenth year, we’re trying a new...

10:04 AM October 16, 2014

First-class expenses at Plymouth University

While students are forced to take part-time jobs to help pay their way through university, some of the top staff...

10:04 AM October 15, 2014

The truth about NHS pay – where is the money going?

Yesterday’s strikes by NHS workers elicited strong responses from patients, NHS workers and politicians. Nurses and midwives were understandably put...

10:04 AM October 14, 2014

Why Australia’s Treasurer isn’t sure whether Corporation Tax will still exist in 20 years time

 Will Company Tax still exist in 20 or 30 years' time? Good question. I don't know. But I'd like...

9:42 AM October 14, 2014

Abolish National Insurance says the Centre for Policy Studies

A new report from the Centre for Policy Studies has called for National Insurance to be abolished. The report, NICs:...

10:03 AM October 13, 2014

New research reveals foreign aid failing to increase freedom in developing world

  • Extensive data study over the past ten years finds that foreign aid spending has no bearing on the freedom of...

10:03 AM October 13, 2014

HMRC’s latest blunder discussed on ITV News

It was revealed this week that Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs have – again – managed to get millions of...

3:36 PM October 10, 2014

Costly Consultants Causing Concern in Plymouth

Strange goings on in Plymouth with the City Council paying out £10,000 a day to costly temporary managers in order to...

3:36 PM October 10, 2014

Why hiking Capital Gains Tax is a bad idea

The Liberal Democrats have proposed an increase in Capital Gains Tax (CGT), currently charged at 28 per cent for higher...

3:28 PM October 08, 2014

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