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There are some good ideas in the Liberal Democrat tax proposals:

5:49 PM July 12, 2007

Fruit Fiasco

Make Bribery and Corruption History

More affordable housing doesn't translate to lower property taxes

Gordon Brown has announced that housing, and providing housing for first time buyers in particular, will be the main...

8:56 PM July 11, 2007

Money spent for no good purpose by those who don't know

An article in the Birmingham Post on Monday reported that Nasim Awan, the chairman of Springfield Neighbourhood...

5:39 PM July 11, 2007


Whilst smokers around the rest of the country have been banished to outdoor shelters, there is one place the United...

5:27 PM July 11, 2007

Sandwell spends more money on Tourism Officer

BBC Radio West Midlands reported this morning that Sandwell Council has appointed a new Tourism Officer in order to attract...

12:32 PM July 11, 2007

More money wasted on waste at Tower Shamlets

Early this year we released our Town Hall Rich List which showed that Tower Hamlets, one of the poorest...

11:09 AM July 11, 2007

Ed Balls makes a lacklustre start as Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families

Andrew Grimson, writing in the Telegraph, is dismissive of Ed Balls' first speech in his new position:

"The banality...

11:02 AM July 11, 2007

Are genuine tax cuts coming our way?

Today's Financial Times reports that the Shadow Chancellor George Osborne signalled yesterday that the Conservative Party will be going...

10:46 AM July 11, 2007

Non-job of the week

Smilingbin Something’s happening at Bradford...

10:32 AM July 11, 2007

The TaxPayers' Alliance Guide to the New Cabinet

We take a brief look at the new Cabinet, and show that its members either have a long history of...

10:10 AM July 11, 2007

Tax Freedom Day in Germany

The German version of the TaxPayers' Alliance - Bund der Steuerzahler - reckons Tax Freedom Day there falls next...

8:21 PM July 10, 2007

Money spent for no good purpose by those who don't know

An article in the

8:03 PM July 10, 2007

Rewards for failure expose hypocrisy of the politicians

The Department for Work and Pensions announced today that there will be a 5% cut in the funding of the...

4:05 PM July 10, 2007

Cuts imposed by Whitehall will mean council tax increases

11:03 AM July 10, 2007

Latest criticism of the Olympics by the PAC

It’s already four times over budget and today the Olympics get another a rap on the knuckles, this...

10:56 AM July 10, 2007

Do chips make us healthier?

...not if they are microchips that hold your medical information.  According to new American research reported today, electronic health records...

10:40 AM July 10, 2007

Regional Development Agencies face the axe

In an interview with today's Financial Times, Shadow Business Secretary Alan Duncan said that Regional Development Agencies must "justify...

10:16 AM July 10, 2007

Lessons in incompetence

The revision of the secondary school curriculum for England announced today includes the teaching of basic personal finances:

7:22 PM July 09, 2007

P45 to the taxman

Mistakes in the NHS

Today there have been two stories suggesting that managerial problems in the National Health Service are costing us money, getting...

3:11 PM July 09, 2007

Early thoughts on the Conservatives' tax announcements

The Conservative Party’s Social Justice Policy Group will be presenting its...

11:07 AM July 09, 2007

Weekly Waste Round-Up 66


12:39 PM July 08, 2007

Council Pay

It was reported yesterday that twelve of Cannock Chase Council’s most senior staff are costing the taxpayer £800,000. This is...

6:43 PM July 06, 2007

Costing THE pUBLIC

West Bromwich doesn’t have much to boast of these days; it has no cinema, no theatre, no swimming...

5:07 PM July 06, 2007

EU tries to raise taxes in Britain...again

Not content with import taxes which raise the price of food and clothing imported from outside the EU, nor with...

11:08 AM July 06, 2007

Concerns over Conservative economic policy

Two interesting pieces have appeared in the last few days on Gordon Brown and David Cameron's approaches to taxation and...

10:49 AM July 06, 2007

Latest Public Administration Disaster

“The reform...

7:40 PM July 05, 2007

The Public Accounts Committee on the Child Support Agency

The Public Accounts Committee today reported on the disastrous history of the Child Support Agency.  By October 2006, one...

6:54 PM July 05, 2007

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