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Would cutting Corporation Tax further turn the UK into a “tax haven”?

Responding to George Osborne’s plans to cut corporation tax to less than 15 per cent, John McDonnell, the...

10:47 AM July 05, 2016

High-Speed 2 or Medium-Fast 1?

Many doubts have been raised over High-Speed 2 but it may even need to be renamed Medium-Fast 1.

11:16 AM June 30, 2016

What a load of rubbish: Oldham council reduces bin collections

Oldham will be the latest Manchester council to change black bin collections to every 3 weeks, instead of...

11:14 AM June 30, 2016

The Taxpayers' Alliance are heading to Woking

The The TaxPayers' Alliance will be bringing their campaign to Woking on Thursday 21st July.

At 13:00 we'll be leafleting...

10:00 AM June 20, 2016

A truly sad day

Everyone has been shocked by the horrific killing yesterday of Jo Cox, the MP for Batley and Spen in West...

12:52 PM June 17, 2016

NHS pensions are bleeding the taxpayer dry

Our Chief Executive Jonathan Isaby has a piece in The Times today, not on the BHS pension scheme, but on...

11:18 AM June 16, 2016

New Problems With HMRC Revealed

“Callers to a [HMRC’s] tax helpline were kept on hold so long, [hold music] became the UK’s second most streamed...

12:28 PM June 14, 2016

When foreign aid doesn't help

On the same day as the Westminster Hall debate on the 0.7% Foreign Aid target The...

5:59 PM June 13, 2016

Foreign aid has ceased to be about results

The government usually acts or passes a new law because it has a certain outcome in mind. It might be...

12:20 PM June 13, 2016

Sorry, Prime Minister. There is no such thing as 'government money'

At Prime Ministers’ Questions yesterday, the man himself spoke about something that doesn’t actually exist.

Responding to a question...

1:19 PM June 09, 2016

Members of the Board - Key findings and media

On Monday the TPA published research on quangos and particularly who sits on their boards. These quangos can have...

10:17 AM June 08, 2016

TPA Compendium of EU-related research

As we have previously made clear, the TaxPayers’ Alliance is not campaigning for either side in the impending EU...

4:39 PM June 07, 2016

Throwing caution to the wind: how English onshore turbines are increasing your energy bill

England is simply not windy enough for more turbines. That’s according to RenewableUK chief executive Hugh McNeal, who’s quoted in...

4:04 PM June 06, 2016

Tax Freedom Day 2016

Happy Tax Freedom Day! Today is the first day of the year that you start earning money for yourself! 

1:00 AM June 03, 2016

The cost of silence

The House of Lords plays a crucial role in scrutinising the Government and its legislation – not least because so...

11:16 AM June 02, 2016

Fraud and error costs taxpayers €888 million

It has been revealed today that the EU paid a grand total of £675 million to criminals who made fraudulent...

4:31 PM June 01, 2016

The effects of taxes and benefits 2014-15

New ONS statistics revealed today who paid how much tax in 2014-15.

It showed that:

  • The ten per cent...

4:11 PM May 24, 2016

Another missed target for Osborne

New figures released by the Office for National Statistics today show public sector net borrowing is £2 billion higher than...

1:46 PM May 24, 2016

A successful Hastings campaign

On Friday the TaxPayers' Alliance office and supporters in the South East took the train to Hastings in order to...

4:42 PM May 23, 2016

Loophole leaves licence fee-payers in the dark

Having thought that there was finally to be some transparency over BBC salaries, it turns out that we are likely...

10:33 AM May 23, 2016

The NAO's verdict is damning

The National Audit Office (NAO) warns that Whitehall’s efforts to streamline their services and save taxpayers’ money...

9:58 AM May 20, 2016

Come join us in Aylesbury

It's summer and the days are growing longer; it's the perfect time for an informal TPA catch-up in Aylesbury.


8:39 AM May 20, 2016

Making sense of pensions

When the Bank of England's Chief Economist admits that he cannot make "the remotest sense" of most pension...

2:36 PM May 19, 2016

The Taxpayers' Alliance are heading to Hastings

The The TaxPayers' Alliance will be bringing their campaign to Hastings on Friday 20th May.

At 12:30pm we'll be leafleting...

4:08 PM May 11, 2016

Further policy victories for the TPA

Two new laws have been passed this week as a direct result of TPA campaigning which will save taxpayers' money...

10:45 AM May 06, 2016

Time to scrap the licence fee

There was a great deal of media speculation over the weekend about the BBC’s competitive scheduling. While it now seems...

1:19 PM May 03, 2016

Poor planning leads to delays at taxpayers' expense

The remote island of St Helena was due to open its much needed new airport next month, but the project...

2:14 PM April 28, 2016

How have taxes changed in the last 30 years?

For all the chaos of the tax system over recent decades, one thing has remained remarkably consistent.

As the graph...

5:38 PM April 27, 2016

How much do the biggest companies pay in Corporation Tax?

Government ministers can often be heard citing statistics about the amount of tax being paid by the top 1 per...

9:46 AM April 21, 2016

More transparency is needed in the aid budget

The Public Accounts Committee has released a widely covered report that makes several criticisms of the handling of humanitarian...

11:23 AM April 20, 2016

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