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The Public Accounts Committee slams the Department for Communities and Local Government

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has criticised the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) for failing to collect information...

10:28 AM September 24, 2015

TaxPayers' Alliance join call to protect the Freedom of Information Act

The TaxPayers’ Alliance was one of 140 media organisations, campaign groups and charities to sign a joint letter to...

5:09 PM September 23, 2015

£3 million to fund China's next football star?

What is the Chancellor up to in China at the moment?

This morning George Osborne announced £3 million in funding for...

3:15 PM September 23, 2015

The NHS Tax

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Norman Lamb’s comments about the NHS today is that they have received coverage in...

2:54 PM September 22, 2015

Activist Training Day

Thank you to everyone who came to our Activist Training Day in London yesterday.

We ended up covering a wide...

11:14 AM September 22, 2015

Gilt glut

What are gilts?

The sale of gilts (UK government bonds) is the primary way in which the UK government finances...

4:09 PM September 21, 2015

The TPA campaigns in Tower Hamlets

On Saturday the TaxPayers’ Alliance took to the streets of Tower Hamlets as part of our ongoing War on Waste.


10:03 AM September 17, 2015

Surf (tax) is up

Cornwall Council’s plan to impose a new “surf tax” of up to £4,000 on watersports schools is not a...

12:00 PM September 15, 2015

Meet the new shadow chancellor

I enjoy a good upset victory as much as the next person, but the elevation of Jeremy Corbyn to the...

9:42 AM September 15, 2015

Free school meals to be abolished?

The Daily Mail published an article on Saturday that suggests that the 'flagship Liberal Democrat policy' of  free school...

4:33 PM September 07, 2015

IT costs across Whitehall soar by another 7 per cent

Whitehall departments have continued to defy the laws of physics this year; it seems that when it comes to IT...

2:02 PM August 24, 2015

There's a good story to tell about welfare reform

The news that the Department for Work and Pensions has been conjuring case studies from thin air to justify its...

9:21 AM August 21, 2015

More waste in the South East

Last Wednesday, Dia and her grassroots team went to Maidstone to speak to as many residents as possible. We encountered...

2:28 PM August 17, 2015

War on Waste action day in Maidstone

Today, Dia and her team hit the road to Maidstone, Kent to continue the

10:51 AM August 13, 2015

NHS and local councils in a mess over business rate review

12:04 PM August 12, 2015

Profligacy: The MoD’s Enemy Within

A budget cut of half a billion; several thousand troops made redundant – what a perfect time for...

12:08 PM August 06, 2015

Let's do renewables right

The European countryside is littered with big, white and expensive wind turbines, and it seems that this comes to little...

8:57 AM August 04, 2015

Newcastle Council splashes out £45m on vanity project in face of dramatic funding cuts

Proposal to expand the scope of the council’s refurbishment plan expected to be approved next Wednesday.

11:22 AM August 03, 2015

How to spend £10,000

The Deal Town Council is planning to spend over £10,000 on new ceremonial robes and regalia, reports Kent...

5:25 PM July 27, 2015

A load of old cobbles

Beautiful medieval cobble stones were ripped out of the Somerset village of Dunster to make way for plain paving. But...

4:14 PM July 22, 2015

Plans to merge National Insurance and Income Tax are fantastic news

The Telegraph are asking whether we might see the end of National Insurance in the near future to which...

3:05 PM July 22, 2015

Competition time at the TPA

On Monday @the_tpa hit 10,000 Twitter followers so we thought it was time for a give-away competition.


12:31 PM July 17, 2015

The NHS and IT, a match made in hell

The Register has reported that although the new £131m e-Referral system has recovered from the problems which forced...

10:59 AM July 17, 2015

Welcome cut in Bath parking charges

Keeping politicians to their pre-election promises is never easy, but there seems to be a chink of light at Bath...

3:02 PM July 15, 2015

1 mile to ridiculousness: Public pays for civil servants chauffeured car trips

During the tenure of Sir Peter Housden, who stepped down as Permanent Secretary to the Scottish government last month, a...

4:18 PM July 14, 2015

We should not hold our breath for a budget surplus

The Summer Budget was a fiddly affair with sixty policies being implemented.
The value to the treasury of each policy can...

11:36 AM July 14, 2015

Manston Airport - Time For Local Politicians to Stop Interfering

Manston Airport is an old RAF airfield on the eastern tip of Kent which, when run as an airport, loses...

11:15 AM July 13, 2015

Direct Recovery of Debts legislation flies in the face of Magna Carta

A new TaxPayers' Alliance report, written by leading barrister Francis Hoar, demonstrates significant flaws in Direct Recovery of Debts legislation

Principle of...

6:00 AM July 13, 2015

Taxpayers to pay hundreds... so Councillors can learn how to run the Council

It has come to our attention that an event headed by GovKnow is taking place in order to help...

11:47 AM July 10, 2015

Bank levy backdown

With HSBC, the UK’s largest bank, and Standard Chartered debating whether to move their domiciles outside of the UK, the...

2:12 PM July 09, 2015

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