Briefing: Beer duty in Europe


  • At £0.53 per pint, the UK has the highest beer duty of any EU member country which England has played in Euro 2020. This is greater than Sweden’s; more than double Italy’s; more than triple Denmark’s; more than quadruple Croatia’s; and six times more than the Czech Republic’s.

  • It was estimated that 6.8 million pints would be drunk during England’s semi-final match against Denmark, raising £25,092,000 for the hospitality sector. However, £3,604,000 of this will be for beer duty and £4,182,000 for VAT. Together, this means 31 per cent of the value of pints sold or £7,786,000 will have been paid in taxes.

  • When compared to EU member states, the UK has the third highest beer duty per pint with only Finland (£0.92) and Ireland (£0.57) charging more.

  • Since 2010, beer duty has increased by 10.2 per cent. Without this levy the average cost of a pint would be reduced from £3.69 to £3.16.



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