Briefing: the cost of MPs in 2019-20


  • The total cost of members of parliament was £127.6m in the 2019-20 financial year according to figures released today by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA). This was a 6.47 per cent increase on the £119.9 million spent in 2018-19.

  • Britain’s most expensive sitting MP was speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle, with business costs of £259,057. Outside the speaker, the most expensive sitting MP was Lisa Cameron, spending £256,040. The average cost of an MP was £157,747 last year.

  • Matt Hancock was the most expensive MP in the cabinet, with total costs of £225,305. This was compared to £174,454 for prime minister Boris Johnson and £164,545 for Sir Keir Starmer.

  • Expenses for travel and subsistence claims cost the taxpayer a total of £5,584,790.05 in 2019-20, an average of £6,903 for each member of parliament.

  • A total of £718,733 was spent on hotel claims as part of the MPs accommodation budget last year.

  • The average wind-up costs for an MP leaving parliament was £54,438.



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