Brighton Council fat cat's £500,000 pay off

Clown City Just because Brighton and Hove Council acts as if there isn’t a recession doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  The economy’s down the pan and what do the numpties running the council do – they shell out half a million of your hard-earned pounds to the chief executive so he can retire early at 54.


Yes, from today’s Express (not online, but page 15 for your reference) we read the grim news that yet another local authority is playing around with taxpayers’ cash as if it were monopoly money.  Clearly the councillors who allowed this gross spend should not pass go or collect their £200 council allowance.  Brighton and Hove City Council have, with the stroke of a pen, sent half a million pounds into the pocket of the £170,000-a-year chief executive.  Outraged?  You should be because it’s your money.


The leader of Brighton and Hove Council is Cllr. Mary Mears who has defended this abominable move in the press today.  We strongly urge you to hold her to account for her actions, demand that there be no tax rises to pay for this arbitrary spending and that she give a firm commitment that such a flagrant misuse of taxpayers’ money won’t happen on her watch again.  You can contact her here: [email protected]

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