British Aid funds Palestinian Hate Propaganda yet again

British taxpayers fund the Palestinian Authority (PA) through our contributions to N37002350_32032020_8021the European Union (EU) budget and by our direct bilateral assistance to the PA. In 2006 this amounted to £47.5 million of our money going to finance the PA budget. The PA has used this money to create a programme in which Palestinian children are encouraged to revere suicide bombers see here. We - the UK taxpayers - want the British Government to pressure the PA to stop this hate education. We want some return for this £47.5 million – this means the PA spending our money building the peace rather than revering suicide bombers.


In our report Funding Hate Education we showed how the Palestinian Authority and Hamas indoctrinate Palestinian children to revere suicide bombers, hate the west and support attacks on British and American troops in Iraq. Now in this children’s programme, the female terrorist, Dalal Mughrabi who participated in the murder of 12 children and 25 adults in a bus attack on Israel in 1978 is celebrated as the "beloved bride, daughter of Jaffa, jasmine flower." Since Annapolis there has clearly been no change in the propensity of the PA to produce hate education.


This show follows close on the heels of last week’s programme where children were asked geography questions in order to receive prizes. No problem there, except for the fact that these questions all implicitly denied Israel’s right to exist. The correct answers to these questions all suggested that the whole of the former British mandated territory of Palestine was legitimately still part of Palestine. If you would like to see for yourself watch the show here.


British Taxpayers pay for this hate education in the following three ways. We fund the Palestinian education system which distributes school textbooks preaching hatred of the west and the destruction of Israel. We contribute to paying off the PA's debts and thereby give it more money to spend on hate propaganda. We also free up resources for the PA to spend on hate propaganda by financing the provision of essential services the PA would otherwise be expected to provide. British Taxpayers want the UK government to use the considerable leverage we have as a provider of aid to force the PA to stop producing this kind of hate education and to start promoting peace and reconciliation between the Palestinian and Israeli people.

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