British drivers pay £32.99 in tax for every 50litres at the pump

A West Midlands TaxPayers’ Alliance supporter sent over this report detailing just how high a proportion of tax drivers are paying at the petrol pump:Petrol_pump


Tax details should be on fuel receipts


THE Freight Transport Association says that customers buying petrol or diesel should be told just how much tax they are paying in the process.


The FTA would like to see fuel receipts issued at filling stations detailing the price of the petrol or diesel itself, the fuel duty and the VAT.


Simultaneously, the FTA has repeated its call that the Government’s proposed 2p a litre increase in fuel duty on April 1 should be scrapped and that users should be absolutely clear on the extent of the tax which they are already paying.


The organisation says that the increasing cost of oil, and the huge taxes which are added to it in the UK, impacts on the whole population and is inflationary because everything used or consumed is at some stage transported by road.


The FTA says that there should be absolute clarity about the tax element in fuel prices and a spokesman added: “With fuel duty at 50.35p per litre and VAT at 17.5% then the cost of a typical fill of 50 litres of fuel at £1.05 per litre works out at £52.50. This consists of £19.51 for the fuel, £25.17 for the fuel duty and £7.82 for the VAT.”


So, for 50 litres at the pump, we are paying £19.51 for the fuel plus an eye-watering £32.99 in taxation. And now the Chancellor is looking for a further 2p per litre in April!


FTA suggests that oil companies and fuel retailers should consider introducing payment receipts which demonstrate this ultra-high tax take by Government. And perhaps they could also include information regarding approximate CO2 output from petrol and diesel for different categories of vehicles, thus providing overall transparency.


And so the British motorist continues to be squeezed by the Chancellor...


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