Business Link staff warn public cash will be wasted on move

BusinesslinkBuiness Link West Midlands, a quango ‘whose visibility in the business world is poor’ now has its own staff revolting in opposition to it wasting taxpayers' money (Birmingham Post).


Despite staff contracts stating that the organisation will remain in the Black Country, the wheels are in motion for a move to Quinton.  Some staff will have to leave an extra two-hours for their rush hour commute and many are left with no choice but to quit their jobs, meaning that replacements will have to be found and trained on the public purse.


One outraged member of staff told the Birmingham Post:


“I have already spoken to around ten members of staff who will be moving on in the new year. Business Link can’t afford to lose highly trained people as the original team brought in had four weeks of intensive training. New starters since this date have one day of training by another staff member – not a dedicated trainer – on how to cold call a business and send out a useless fact sheet.”


Is this really the sort of thing we should be paying for?




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