Campaign Diary 30th August 2007

Today has been a day of branch building, making calls to activists and sending letters to supporters.  If you’re on our list in Guildford, Godalming, St. Albans, Potters Bar and Hatfield, then expect a letter, email or call from me sometime soon attempting to enlist you to the frontline battle for lower taxes.  First we had our protest in Barnet against council tax.  Now we’re looking to have our TaxPayers’ Alliance branches fight a guerrilla war against the establishment that ratchets up our taxes year in and year out.  Even if you hand out a leaflet a day, write a letter to a local paper a week or recruit your friends and family to the TPA – it all makes a difference.

We currently have organisers in Guildford, North Tyneside, Liverpool, Islington, Tower Hamlets, New Romney, Thurrock, Harrogate, Kensington and Chelsea, Hatfield, St. Albans, Teignbridge, Derby, Carrick, Bishop’s Waltham and the Vale of Glamorgan.  If you live in these areas, then join in.  If you don’t, then what’s stopping you?  Form your own local branch to campaign – however and whenever you can – for lower taxes and better government. 

So to all those who have been away, welcome back from your summer holidays, no doubt enjoying the wonders of flat-tax Eastern Europe or Hong Kong, the delights in Ireland where they have no local ‘council’ tax or America where they fight to recall any politician who dare vote to increase taxes.  Now is the time to take the fight to the high taxing politicians here.  Find that Churchillian spirit.  Is this a land fit for heroes or bureaucrats?


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